Task Force 2 - Membership Engagement and Diversity


Scott Sommerfeldt - Chair
Tessa Bent
Bennett Brooks
Alex Case
Susan Fox
Mark Hamilton
Evelyn Hoglund
Tony Hoover
Christopher Jasinski
Martin Lawless
Ben Markham
David Mellinger
Tyrone Porter
Roger Richards
Lauren Ronsse
Steve Thompson
Juan Tu
Michael Vorländer
Lily Wang
Ela Warnecke
Lynne Werner

GOAL 2. Member Engagement and Diversity

ASA membership reflects societal diversity and the evolving multidisciplinarity of acoustics, ensuring its continued relevance to academics, industry, government, and practitioners across the globe and engaging acousticians throughout their entire careers.

Objectives and Completed Actions

PRIORITY OBJECTIVE. Increase remote connectivity to meetings (committee meetings, courses, lectures, content)

     • Extremely successful live streaming at past 4 meetings: Jacksonville, Salt Lake City, Honolulu and Boston
     • Considering pilot program with professional services and moving toward charging for viewership

PRIORITY OBJECTIVE. Expand promotion and participation of early career members (prior to tenure, principal, or senior status)

     • Conducted Early Career Speed Networking Event in Boston
     • Meeting attendance travel grants - 15k for Boston & 15k for NOLA -30 grants of $500 each 
     • ASA Early Career Leadership Fellows - goal of $300k endowment to fund travel to ASA meetings

Membership Analysis
• modified membership renewal forms and applications


Details, Meeting Notes & Flipcharts

TaskForce 2 Spring 2017-EC-Report



TaskForce 2 Fall 2016-EC-Update