San Francisco ASA live media webcast ...

A live media webcast was broadcast during the fall 2013 meeting of the ASA in San Francisco.  Topics and speakers included:  The Sound of Melting Glaciers, Kevin M. Lee, University of Texas at Austin; Killer Whales: Hunting in the Dark, Volker Deecke, University of Cumbria; What a Formula 1 Race Does to Your Eardrums, Craig Dolder, University of Texas at Austin; Tongue Twisters as Tools for Understanding the Brain, Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Louis Goldstein, University of Southern California; and "Valley Girl" Accent Expanding to Males, Amanda Ritchart, University of California, San Diego.  


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For more information about each topic presented visit:

The Sound of Melting Glaciers

Killer Whales: Hunting in the Dark

What a Formula 1 Race Does to Your Eardrums

Tongue Twisters as Tools for Understanding the Brain

Valley Girl" Accent Expanding to Males