Research Engineer – Voice Disorders Program

Massachusetts General Hospital

Boston MA

Job ID Number: 3035949


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The Research Engineer will work directly with the Research Director, Investigators and Research Fellows and be a central and/or lead team member of projects as part of a new Clinical Research Center for the Improved Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Vocal Hyperfunction. In addition to providing critical engineering planning and analyses, s/he will bear primary responsibility for running experiments and studies. Specific duties include: 1) designing, building and testing experimental devices, 2) designing and validating experimental protocols and data acquisition setups, 3) running experimental protocols, 4) analyzing data, 5) preparing reports, project documentation, publications and making presentations, 6) identification of equipment and supply needs and overseeing timely ordering, and 7) ensuring adherence to all research regulatory and safety requirements including applying for and maintaining approvals for studies involving human and animals.    



  • Obtain and maintain scientific and technical knowledge needed to support overall research and individual studies.  Utilize this knowledge in the development of tools, fixtures, devices, processes, protocols and in meeting other engineering objectives.
  • Identify project specifications in conjunction with Research Staff, establishing goals, time lines, operational requirements, protocols, analysis approaches, materials, benchmarks and other project needs.
  • Design, build and test experimental devices for use in research projects.
  • Work proactively to resolve any malfunctions and upgrades.  Work cooperatively with hospital staff, vendors and leadership to identify and resolve deficiencies, locate or build alternatives and otherwise support the research in a timely and effective manner.
  • Design and validate data acquisition setups and protocols for use in investigations involving bench-top testing, human subjects and/or animal models.
  • Carryout experiments/studies involving bench-top testing, human subjects and/or animal models.
  • Develop and utilize approaches for analyzing data gathered during experiments/studies.
  • Take the lead in the interpretation of results from experiments including the preparation of reports, documentation, publications, and presentations.
  • Identify laboratory equipment and supply needs and oversee the timely and cost-effective ordering of these items.
  • Obtain and maintain knowledge needed to ensure adherence with all research regulatory and safety requirements including:
    • Applying for and maintaining approvals for studies involving human and animals
    • Identifying and following all regulatory codes and operational directions governing the operation and maintenance of electrical, electronic and other equipment used during the work conducted on all projects
    • Working safely with all equipment, using personal protective equipment properly; also works safely within research laboratory conditions
    • Ensuring that all research assistants under his/her supervision follow all regulatory and safety requirements.
  • Current projects include:
    • Developing accelerometer-based ambulatory monitoring of vocal function into a valid, reliable, and cost-effective clinical tool that can be used to accurately identify and differentiate patterns of voice use that are associated with hyperfunctional voice disorders.
    • Developing improved high-speed video (HSV)-based methods for the visualization and automatic measurement of vocal fold vibratory characteristics that will facilitate the clinical and research use of this technology, and to begin establishing the clinical validity, practicality, and relevance of HSV in the functional evaluation of vocal fold pathology.



  • Advanced (graduate-level) knowledge of speech and hearing science including and in-depth understanding of the physiologic, aerodynamic, and acoustic mechanisms associated with voice production.
  • Advanced skills in electrical engineering and computer science including the design and testing of analogue and digital circuits, and computer programming skills.
  • Superior skills and experience in digital processing of signals and images.
  • Basic computer skills, including Matlab, Word, Excel and Powerpoint. 
  • Good analytical, organizational and communications skills to clearly summarize data to communicate methods used, results, and conclusions for discussion in lab meetings and other forums.
  • Ability to manage project schedules for the delivery of program objectives. 
  • Ability to execute all work independently, including research related, in a highly multidisciplinary team environment. 
  • Is knowledgeable and compliant in all hospital, State and Federal regulatory requirements, including hospital policy and procedures (where applicable to the performance of the job), Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).



EDUCATION:  Bachelor’s degree in Electrical, Mechanical or other related Engineering discipline required with additional degree or education in Speech and Hearing Science preferred.  

EXPERIENCE: Minimum of 5 years of research and laboratory experience is preferred which could be gained as part of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate education/training.  


FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY (if applicable): Make cost effective purchasing recommendations.


  • Will work in an office (computer) environment and in several different laboratory settings including laboratories with sound-treated rooms for human data acquisition, and wet laboratories for performing experiments on the bench-top and using animal models.
  • Will operate electrically operated equipment that may pose a danger if inappropriately handled.
  • Could be exposed to and/or have direct work with research laboratory chemicals and/or conditions that may be hazardous.  


EEO Statement: Massachusetts General Hospital is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  By embracing diverse skills, perspectives and ideas, we choose to lead. Applications from protected veterans and individuals with disabilities are strongly encouraged.  



Date posted: Apr 11, 2017