Annual Reports of Technical Committees for the period 27 May 2011 to 18 May 2012

Technical Committees represent thirteen different areas of acoustics in the Society. Appointments to the Technical Committees take place in January. The chair of the Technical Committee (see reports below) should be contacted for information about how to initiate procedures to join a Technical Committee.

Acoustical Oceanography (AO)
Animal Bioacoustics (AB)
Architectural Acoustics (AA)
Biomedical Acoustics (BA)
Engineering Acoustics (EA)
Musical Acoustics (MU)
Noise (NS)
Physical Acoustics (PA)
Psychological and Physiological Acoustics (PP)
Signal Processing in Acoustics (SP)
Speech Communication(SC)
Structural Acoustics and Vibration (SA)
Underwater Acoustics (UW)

Acoustical Oceanography

The Acoustical Oceanography Technical Committee had several significant events during the year and at the 162nd and 163rd meetings of Acoustical Society of America (ASA) in San Diego, CA and Hong Kong, China.

It was a big year for William Kuperman as he was awarded the ASA Gold Medal at the Hong Kong meeting for leadership in underwater acoustics, mentoring generations of acousticians, and for service to the society. Bill was also awarded the 2011 Munk Award. This is awarded jointly by The Oceanography Society, the Office of Naval Research and the Office of the Oceanographer of the Navy. Bill received the award and presented the Munk Award lecture, “Underwater Acoustics and Acoustical Oceanography” at the San Diego Meeting.

John Colosi is the recipient of the 2012 Medwin Prize in Acoustical Oceanography. This prize is given to recognize a person for the effective use of sound in the discovery and understanding of physical and biological parameters and processes in the sea. John was given the award for work on ocean internal waves as they relate to sound fluctuations in the sea. John will give the 2012 Acoustical Oceanography Prize lecture at the Kansas City ASA meeting.

There were some notable special sessions at the San Diego meeting including a memorial session in honor of Van Holliday. Van was one of the pioneers of Acoustical Oceanography and the session highlighted the many contributions Van made to the field. The session attendees included family members and numerous long-time colleagues and it was obvious to all that Van had an enormous impact on both Acoustical Oceanography and on the people in the field. In San Diego there was also a special session honoring the work of Steve Schock on acoustic bottom characterization and sub-bottom imaging. This session was also very well attended and had a variety of invited speakers describe the many contributions Steve has been making on this topic as well as the continuing developments in this area based on Steve’s work over the years. The Hong Kong meeting had a very interesting special session on new technologies for active and passive monitoring of fish.

There were also numerous impressive student papers presented in Acoustical Oceanography at the San Diego meeting and awards were given to the top two. The first place winner of the student paper contest was Adam Metzler for his paper, “Seismo-acoustic propagation effects at the seafloor with applications to geoacoustic inversion using hybrid parabolic equation solutions.” Second place went to James Traer for, “Coherent averaging of the passive fathometer response using short correlation time.”

Chair, 2010–2013

List of committee members

Animal Bioacoustics

This report covers the activities of the Technical Committee on Animal Bioacoustics (TCAB) and its members during the period from May 2011 through May 2012.

The 162nd meeting of the ASA was held at the Town and Country Hotel in San Diego, California. TCAB was lead sponsor of the following special sessions:  Acoustic Ecology, organized by Renata S. de Sousa Lima and Thomas Norris (4 invited papers and 8 contributed); Acoustics for Saving Endangered Species I and II, organized by Jay Barlow and Sofie M. Van Parijs (7 invited papers and 12 contributed), Long-Term Acoustic Monitoring of Animals I and II, organized by Marie A. Roch and Simone Baumann-Pickering (7 invited papers and 11 contributed. There were also 2 general sessions: General Topics in Animal Bioacoustics I and II, chaired by John A. Hildebrand and Ted W. Cranford (28 papers total). TCAB was also co-sponsor of 3 special sessions whose primary sponsor was another TC: Van Holliday Memorial Session I and II (sponsored by AO, and also co-sponsored by UW), 3 invited papers and 18 contributed); Overcoming Environment/Medium Effects in Acoustic Tracking of Features or Parameters (sponsored by SP and also cosponsored by AO and UW), 8 invited papers and 3 contributed). TCAB thanks Marie A. Roch and Simone Baumann-Pickering for serving as its representatives to the Technical Program Organizing Meeting for the San Diego meeting.

Congratulations to the Animal Bioacoustics Best Student Paper Award winners at the San Diego meeting: First Prize, Delphine Mathias of Scripps Institution of Oceanography for her paper “Depth and range tracking of sperm whales in the Gulf of Alaska using a two-element vertical array, satellite and bioacoustic tags,” and Second Prize, Jennifer L. Keating of the San Diego Zoo for her paper “Implications of vocalizations during giant panda breeding.

ASA was one of three co-sponsors of Acoustics 2012 Hong Kong which incorporated the 163rd meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, the 8th meeting of the Acoustical Society of China (ASC), the 11th Western Pacific Acoustics Conference (WESPAC) and the Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics (HKIOA). It was held 13-18 May 2013 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Over 1500 scientists and engineers attended from 41 countries.

TCAB was lead sponsor of the following special sessions: Acoustic Animal Tagging (cosponsored by AO), organized by Christine Erbe and Tomonari Akamatsu (8 invited); Biosonar I and II (cosponsored by AO, UW, and SP), organized by Whitlow Au, Hiroshi Riquimaroux, and James Simmons (11 invited 10 contributed); Tropical and Sirenian Bioacoustics, organized by Thomas Norris, Kotaro Ichikawa, Junxian Shen (3 invited and 8 ccontributed). There was one general session: Acoustic Monitoring of Animals, chaired by Douglas Cato and Kotaro Ichikawa (8 contributed). TCAB was also co-sponsor of special sessions whose primary sponsor was another TC: Assessment and Measurement of Park Soundscapes, organized by Paul Schomer, Andre Fiebig, and K.C. Lam (sponsored by NS and cosponsored by ASACOS) (6 invited); Future of Acoustics: East and West, organized by Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp and Michael J. Buckingham (sponsored by NS) (5 invited); Ground Transportation Noise I, II, III, organized by David Woolworth, Wing Tat Hung, and Ulf Sandberg (sponsored by NS and cosponsored by ASA Committee on Standards) (8 invited; 22 contributed);  Impulsive Noise Exposure Metrics: Development and Validation, organized by Richard McKinley (sponsored by NS and cosponsored by ASACOS and P&P) (5 invited 1 contributed); New Technologies for Monitoring Fish–Active and Passive, organized by Orest Diachok, Koji Iida, and Kouichi Sawada, sponsored by AO and cosponsored by UW) (1 invited; 8 contributed); Open Challenges in Auditory Scene Analysis I and II, organized by Mounya Elhilali, Daniel Pressnitzer, and Bosun Xie (sponsored by P&P and cosponsored by AB) (11 invited; 9 contributed; Soundscape and its Application I  and II, organized by Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp, K.C. Lam (sponsored by NS and cosponsored by AA and ASACOS) (15 invited 6 contributed). TCAB thanks Whitlow W.L. Au for serving as representative to the Technical Program Organizing Meeting for Acoustics 2012 Hong Kong.

Congratulations to the AB Best Student Paper Award winners at Acoustics 2012 Hong Kong: First place: Laura Kloepper of the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology for her paper “Echolocation beam shape and focusing in the false killer whale (Pseudorca crassidens)” and  second place: Erika E. Alexander, Brown University, for her paper “Anatomical changes in the inner ear of the bullfrog across metamorphic development.”

Animal Bioacoustics (AB) topics were well represented in the journal publications of the Society. There were 55 AB papers published in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America and JASA Express Letters during the period covered by this report.

Associate Editors serving in the area of Animal Bioacoustics are Whitlow W. L. Au, Richard R. Fay, James J. Finneran, Mardi C. Hastings, Michael J. Owren, and James A. Simmons for JASA; Cynthia F. Moss for JASA Express Letters; and Richard R. Fay for Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics.

TCAB was represented during the period covered by this report by its members on various ASA committees that help in conducting the business of the Society. They include the Associate Editors mentioned above who serve on the Editorial Board; James A. Simmons and Andrea Simmons on the Medals and Awards Committee; Aaron Thode on the Membership Committee; Samuel L. Denes on the Student Council; and Marla Holt on the ASA Committee on Standards.

Seven papers were featured in the press releases of the ASA for the San Diego and Hong Kong meetings, and 10 authors of papers on animal bioacoustics topics prepared lay-language versions of their papers to be used for outreach by ASA to science writers and the general public. These can be viewed at the ASA World Wide Press Room at

The Animal Bioacoustics webpage has been and is available at Thanks to David K. Mellinger, Holger Klinck, and Sara L. Heimlich for the design and maintenance of the site, where visitors can find information about animal bioacoustics topics, including topics covered by AB, new books, conferences, and useful links.

TCAB members also participate in the Standards activities of the Society through its representative on ASACOS and through a Standards Committee: Accredited Standards Committee S3, Subcommittee 1, Animal Bioacoustics. David K. Delaney of USA CERL serves as Chair and Mardi C. Hastings, serves as Vice Chair. This committee's scope covers standards, specifications, methods of measurement and test, instrumentation and terminology in the field of psychological and physiological acoustics, including aspects of general acoustics, which pertain to biological safety, tolerance and comfort of non-human animals, including both risk to individual animals and to the long-term viability of populations. Animals to be covered may potentially include commercially-grown food animals; animals harvested for food in the wild; pets; laboratory animals; exotic species in zoos, oceanaria or aquaria; or free-ranging wild animals. There are currently two active standards-writing groups functioning under the auspices of the Committee, including S3/SC 1/WG1 Animal Bioacoustics Terminology and S3/SC 1/WG2 Effects of Sound on Fish and Turtles. For additional details about Standards activities of this group, please visit

Further evidence of the TCAB's outreach and influence on the field of animal bioacoustics, both in the U.S. and abroad, is the sponsorship and cosponsorship of symposia and other meetings. The ASA, along with Cornell University, organized the Third International Conference on Acoustic Communication by Animals, which was held August 2-5, 2011 in Ithaca, New York, and ASA and Oregon State University organized the Fifth International Workshop on Detection, Classification, Localization, and Density Estimation of Marine Mammals using Passive Acoustics, held Aug. 22-25, 2011.

David K. Mellinger
Chair, 2009-2012

List of committee members

Architectural Acoustics

The Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics (TCAA) continues its focus on (1) a rich diversity of relevant ASA Conference Events, (2) Outreach and Advocacy in the discipline in between conventions, and (3) a steady Focus on Future Growth.

(1) ASA Conference Events

Beginning, as always, with the grass roots efforts of some of our most motivated committee members, TCAA continues to push both quality and quantity in our special sessions at every ASA conference.

At the Spring 2011 conference in Seattle, Architectural Acoustics was lead sponsor of 120 papers across 16 special sessions, two Knudsen Lectures, two Panel Discussions, the Newman Medal Reception, the Student Design Competition, and the Student Paper Competition.   Ron Sauro shepherded it through the Technical Program Organizing Meeting.

At the fall 2011 conference in San Diego, Architectural Acoustics was lead sponsor of another 120 papers across 11 special sessions, with TCAA member Ralph T. Muehleisen presenting the interdisciplinary Tutorial Lecture on Acoustics of Green Buildings, plus the Student Paper Competition. Roger Schwenke and Michelle C. Viegant attended Technical Program Organizing Meeting representing Architectural Acoustics.

At the spring 2012 conference in Hong Kong, Architectural Acoustics sponsored 110 papers and posters across 12 special sessions, along with a Student Design Competition, and a Student Paper Competition. Joint meetings and international events represent an additional challenge, administratively and technically. We are indebted to Ning Xiang, ASA Architectural Acoustics Co-Chair, for organizing the technical program, and our Technical Program Organizing Meeting representatives, Bruce Olson and Ken Roy.

(2) Outreach and Advocacy efforts took many forms this year:

  • Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers Study Group:  Movie Theater Sound System Measurement and Adjustment Techniques

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers' (SMPTE) Standards Committee now runs a Study Group, chaired by Brian A. Vessa, focusing on movie theatre sound system measurement and adjustment techniques. ASA is represented on this important group by Russ Berger, a Fellow of ASA holding “professional” level membership status in SMPTE. The Russ Berger Design Group deals with the design of studios for television and movies. 

  • American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System

TCAA continues to be a Registered Provider in the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education System (CES). The TCAA has developed a standardized introductory short course for architects, called “Architectural Acoustics.” An architect can earn one continuing education unit (CEU) by attending this short course, if it is presented by a qualified member of TCAA. The course covers topics in sound isolation, mechanical system noise control, and finish treatments. In order to qualify as an authorized presenter for this AIA/CES short course, attendance at a special workshop, organized and offered periodically at ASA conventions – San Diego, most recently, with more to follow at future meetings – and membership in TCAA are required.

  • Publications from and related to Architectural Acoustics

Work has begun on a title capturing the state of the architectural acoustics art for worship spaces, led by Erica Ryherd, David Bradley, and Lauren Ronnse, titled, “25 Years of Worship Spaces.” This follows a proven concept as demonstrated most recently in the drama theater book published last year. The new book will be based in part on the previously held ASA poster sessions on the topic.

A third Classroom Acoustics booklet, “A Sound Approach to Learning:  A Guide for Schools on the Importance of Good Acoustics in a Student’s Learning” is in the final stages of publication.

(3) Our Focus on Future Growth is realized in the following ways:

  • Student papers competition

TCAA Student Paper Award competitions continue to run at each biannual ASA conference. We congratulate the following students

Results from Seattle:

  • 1st:  Timothy Hsu - Psychoacoustic measures and their relationship to patient physiology in an intensive care unit
  • 2nd:  Arun Mahapatra - Effects of noise on emergency department staff

Results from San Diego:

  • 1st:  Lauren Ronsse - Impacts of classroom acoustics on elementary student achievement
  • 2nd:  Ari M. Lesser - Acoustic characteristics of floor treatments for elementary school classrooms

Results from Hong Kong:

  • 1st:  Jia Luo; Tsinghua University Student Design Competition
  • 2nd:  Ingo Witew; A model to predict measurement uncertainties due to loudspeaker directivity and its validation
  • Student design competition


Thanks to the year-long efforts of Bob Coffeen and Andy Miller, another Student Design Competition was run in Seattle. Chalmers University of Technology swept the competition this year with the first honors award and four commendation awards. One commendation was awarded to an RPI team. Some 32 very impressive entries were judged.

First Honors

  • Anna Arvidsson, Malin Landh, Mihkel Toome, Chalmers Univ. of Technology

Commendation (not listed in any particular order)

  • Jonas Lundgren, Patrik Thorsson, Dario Bogdanovic, Chalmers Univ. of Technology
  • Tobias Gothfelt, Marcus Stark, Vijendra Bhat, Chalmers Univ. of Technology
  • Sandra Berg, Anna Glansberg, Chalmers Univ. of Technology
  • Erik Allinger, Fredrik Asphult, Simen Tornquist, Chalmers Univ. of Technology
  • Matthew Azevedo, Kristen Murphy, Vanessa Li, Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.

The competition relies on a major investment of time and expertise from our volunteer judges:  Thank you to judges: David Adams, Rob Currann, Steven Dance, Tony Hoover, Scott Pfeiffer, Lauren Ronsse, Robert Smolling, and Michael Yantis.

Hong Kong:

Phillip Robinson and Dave Woolworth were successful in organizing a design competition that literally knew no borders. The competition included 20 outstanding entries, from 12 universities. Thank you to the Judging Panel:  Angelo Campanella, Campanella Associates; Clemeth Abercrombie, Artec Consultants; Zane Au Shen, Milsom, & Wilke. Assoc. Hong Kong; Calvin Chan Shen, Milsom, & Wilke. Assoc. Hong Kong; Tim Gulsrud, Kirkegaard & Associates; and Dave Adams, DL Adams Associates Inc.

First Honors:

  • Wang Yunyong, Pan Lili, Liu Yiyi, South China University of Technology (Advisor, Zhao Yuezhe)

Commendations: (In no particular order.)

  • Per Bergström, Erik Olsson, Viktoria Henrikssson, Chalmers University of Technology (Advisors, Mendel Kleiner and Morten Mose Lund)
  • Maria Hult, Petrus Torstenson, Einar Himmelmann, Chalmers University of Technology (Advisors, Mendel Kleiner and Morten Mose Lund)
  • Mizuki Inoue, Hidehiko Kondo, Saori Masuda, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo/ Shibaura Institute of Technology (Advisors, Yasushi Shimizu, Yoshiki Nakamura, and Hiroshi Furuya)
  • Grant Price, University of Kansas, School of Architecture, Design and Planning (Advisor, Robert C. Coffeen)

Lastly, I wish to highlight and thank the key leadership of the relevant committees related to architectural acoustics.

Tim Foulkes was our representatives on the Medals and Awards Committee. Ron Freiheit serves on the Membership Committee, and Angelo J. Campanella is the TCAA representative to the ASA Committee on Standards. Lauren Ronsse and Sam Clapp serve on the Student Council. The Associate Editors in Architectural Acoustics are Franck Sgard, Lily Wang and Ning Xiang for JASA, Ning Xiang for JASA Express Letters. Ralph Muehleisen is Associate Editor for POMA. Erica Ryherd serves on the Women in Acoustics Committee. Finally, thanks to Kenneth Good the Secretary of our technical committee.

Chair, 2010–2013 

List of committee members

Biomedical Acoustics

The 162nd ASA meeting in San Diego was held in the familiar Town and Country Resort. Some highlights from this meeting include special sessions entitled “Thrombolysis and microbubble-mediated therapies” organized by Azzdine Ammi and “Biomedical applications of acoustic radiation force” organized by Mostafa Fatemi. The contributed session chairs were Bob McGough and Tom Matula. Christy Holland took a student to the Fellows Luncheon. Kyle Spratt was the acting student representative, filling in for Derek Thomas. Tom Matula was the TPOM representative for this meeting. Bob McGough was introduced as the new BATC chair.

Due to the great success of the student poster competition at the Seattle meeting, the Biomedical Acoustics technical committee decided to continue this event at the upcoming ASA meetings in Kansas City and Montreal. Subsequent poster competitions will be held at the spring ASA meeting every year. The coordinator for the poster competitions at the two upcoming meetings is Kevin Haworth. The BATC also provided some feedback for the review of the PACS system that is underway. These comments were forwarded to Doug Mast, the BATC representative on the PACS committee.

An ad hoc medals and awards committee was recently formed. This new committee consists of past BATC chairs. A procedure for collecting and evaluating awards candidates put forward by the BATC was introduced by Ron Roy and unanimously approved by the ad hoc awards committee. This procedure formalizes the internal evaluation of candidates for the Gold, Silver, and interdisciplinary Helmholtz-Rayleigh Silver metals and the Lindsay award. The internal deadline for the Helmholtz-Rayleigh interdisciplinary Silver medal and the Lindsay award is in April, and the internal deadline for the Silver medal in Biomedical Acoustics is in September. A new subcommittee was also established to collect applications and provide feedback for Fellow candidates in Biomedical Acoustics.

The 163rd ASA meeting recently took place in Hong Kong. This meeting had morning and afternoon Biomedical Acoustics sessions scheduled every day of the week. The special sessions were “Acoustic Microscopy Imaging Methods for Biomedical Applications” organized by Jonathan Mamou and Tadashi Yamaguchi, “Biomedical Ultrasound Instrumentation” organized by Qifa Zhou and Lei Sun, “Bone Quantitative Ultrasound” organized by Pascal Laugier and Dean Ta, “Subharmonic Contrast Imaging” organized by Michel Versluis and Jeffrey Ketterling, and “Ultrasound Enhanced Drug Delivery” organized by Constantin Coussios and Juan Tu. The contributed session chairs were Yun Jing, Hairong Zheng, Alfred Yu, Dong guk Paeng, Eleanor Stride, and Mami Matsukawa. Jonathan Mamou, Lei Sun, and Hairong Zheng were the TPOM representatives for the meeting. The R. Bruce Lindsay Award winner was Constantin Coussios.

Jeff Ketterling was the acting BA chair for the Hong Kong meeting. The Biomedical Acoustics Technical Committee meeting was held jointly with Physical Acoustics. At this Technical committee Meeting, upcoming ASA meetings in Kansas City and Montreal were discussed. Special sessions for each of these meetings were finalized, and the TPOM representatives for these meetings were identified. An upcoming special issue on Therapeutic Applications of Ultrasound was also introduced. The guest editors for this special issue are Larry Crum and Vera Khokhlova. Plans to replace the outdated PACS system were discussed.

The efforts of everyone who contributed to Biomedical Acoustics Technical Committee this past year are greatly appreciated. At present, the Associate Editors of JASA and JASA-EL for BA related areas are Charles Church, Doug Miller, Doug Mast, Robin Cleveland, Mardi Hastings, Oleg Sapozhnikov, Paul Barbone, Joel Mobley, Steve Kargl, Mark Hamilton, Tom Matula, and Andrew Szeri. Charles Church is the BA editor for POMA. Ronald Roy is the BA representative to the Medals and Awards Committee. Mike Bailey is the BA representative to the Membership Committee. Doug Mast is the representative on the committee to update the PACS structure. Peter Kaczkowski and Vera Khokhlova are the representatives to ASACOS. Jason Raymond is the student council representative. I would also like to thank Jeff Ketterling for serving as chair of the BATC for the last three years and for chairing the Biomedical Acoustics Technical Committee meeting in Hong Kong.

Chair, 2011–2014

List of committee members

Engineering Acoustics

The Engineering Acoustics Technical Committee (EATC) encourages all ASA members to become more involved in our committee. For those of you not familiar with Engineering Acoustics, our committee encompasses the theory and practice of creating tools for investigating acoustical phenomena and applying knowledge of acoustics to practical utility. The breadth of EATC’s mission is an enabler to the other committees and to the interests of every member. I would like to encourage more collaboration between EATC and the other TCs.

The EATC has led many special sessions at the last three meetings. In Seattle (May 2011) EATC’s 5 Special Sessions included:  Acoustical Sensor and Array Technology, Advanced Acoustic Systems For Small Underwater Vehicles (Autonomous and Towed), Sensors and Systems for Acoustic Detection, Localization, and Characterization of Underground Structures, Objects and Tunnels, and Material Properties and Applications. Thanks to Dan Costley for serving at the TPOM for Seattle.

In San Diego (November 11) EATC’s four special sessions included:  Micromachined Acoustic Transducers, Periodic Structures, Transduction Methods for Energy Harvesting, and Vector Sensors, Projectors, and Hydrophones. Thanks to Steve Baker for being the TPOM representative for San Diego’s meeting.

And finally, in Hong Kong (May 2012), EATC had 8 Special Sessions: Mufflers and Silencers, Biomedical transducers, Acoustic Metamaterials, Acoustic Well Logging and Borehole Acoustic, Flow Noise and Mitigation Methods, Civil Non-Destructive Testing with Ultrasound and other Non-Contact Methods, Acoustic Sensors & Actuators,  and Sound Quality Engineering. A very special thanks to Tom Fedenczuk for volunteering for this difficult and complicated TPOM in Hong Kong.

These sessions only show a glimpse into EATC’s broad areas of interest. The success of these special sessions reinforces how important Engineering Acoustics is to all the different technical areas with ASA. Please come to one of our EATC meeting to suggest and volunteer to Chair your own Special Sessions at one of the upcoming ASA meetings. It is very easy to do and gives you an opportunity to influence technology and collaborate with some of the leading experts in these areas. The EATC usually meets the Tuesday night at all ASA conferences, and I welcome you to become involved in helping EATC plan future conference sessions. If there is a topic that interests you, I guarantee there are plenty of other researchers willing to present their work in the same area, and I welcome you to step forward to lead the session or put us in contact with appropriate subject matter experts.

Some of the hottest topics within Engineering Acoustics currently include MEMS microphones, expended polymer pressure sensors, acoustic metamaterials, piezoelectric energy harvesting, wind generator acoustics/noise, carbon nanotube transduction, single crystal based acoustic transducers, vector intensity sensors, and computational acoustics (CFD/MandS). These topic areas will be focused on over the next couple years.

The student contributions to all of these sessions have been excellent, and I encourage all students and their advisors to make sure that they submit their abstracts for the student competition. EATC gives a cash prize to the 1st and 2nd place student papers. I also would like to thank all of the meeting attendees who volunteered to be student paper judges, and hope that others will volunteer for future conferences.

My Chairmanship concluded at the end of the May 2012 Hong Kong ASA conference. This was a great experience for me, and the time flew by so quickly. I strongly encourage all of you to take a more active role and become part of the planning and execution of the ASA program; you will feel more involved, meet great people, and derive huge benefits.

I would like to offer my congratulations to Roger T. Richards on being elected ASA’s new Engineering Acoustics Technical Committee Chair. Roger Richards, PhD, is currently with the Sonar Devices and Sensors Branch of the US Naval Underwater Warfare Center in Newport, RI. He has been an involved ASA and EATC member and will do an excellent job as Chairman. Congratulations again, and best of luck in your three year tenure.

I would personally like to thank Elaine Moran, who was indispensible in helping me through the Chairmanship, as well as the entire Technical and Executive Councils, who worked so well together and demonstrated significant dedication and loyalty to the Acoustical Society of America. Finally, I could not have served as Chair without the continued support of the EATC membership, especially the previous Chairs and the regular TC attendees who never failed to give support, advice, and leadership when needed. It was a pleasure and an honor to be part of the EATC and ASA leadership, and I look forward to my continued involvement with these outstanding individuals and the entire ASA as well.

Chair, 2009–2012

List of committee members

Musical Acoustics

During 2011‐2012 the Technical Committee on Musical Acoustics (TCMU) was chaired by Thomas Moore. The representatives to the Association committees were: James P. Cottingham, Medals and Awards; Andrew Morrison, Committee on Standards; James Beauchamp, Membership; and Whitney Coyle, Student Council. Associate editors of the Society Publications for the area of musical acoustics were Diana Deutsch, Thomas Moore and Joe Wolf (JASA); Diana Deutsch, D. Murray Campbell, Thomas D. Rossing and Thomas Moore (JASA Express Letters); and James W. Beauchamp (POMA). The Technical Program Organizing Committee (TPOM) representatives for the 162nd and 163rd meetings in San Diego and Hong Kong were Diana Deutsch and Shigeru Yoshikawa, respectively. Those appointed or reappointed as TCMU members for 2011‐2014 were: James Beauchamp, George Bissinger, Rene Causse, Annabel Cohen, James Cottingham, Whitney Coyle, Evan Davis, Diana Deutsch, Uwe Hansen, Peter Hoekje, Ian Lindevald, Robert Pyle, Gary Scavone, Brad Story, George Tzanetakis, Christopher Waltham, and Randy Worland. TCMU member Sten Ternstrom was elected as a Fellow of the ASA.

At the 162nd Meeting in San Diego, held October 31 to November 4, 2011, the TCMU presented five special sessions: Acoustics of Mouth Organs (chaired by James Cottingham), Physical Models for Sound Synthesis (chaired by Edgar Berdahl), Musical Perception and Cognition (chaired by Diana Deutsch), Music and Auditory Space (chaired by Diana Deutsch) and Expressivity in Digital Music Synthesis (chaired by James Beauchamp). There was also a mouth organ concert by Howard Levy and Christopher Adler (organized by James Cottingham). Miles Faaborg (Coe College) and Nicholas Eyring (Brigham Young University) won the award for the best student paper.

At the 163rd Meeting held in Hong Kong May 14-18, 2012, the TCMU presented six special sessions: Asian String Instruments (chaired by Chris Waltham and Tianreng Hua), Asian Wind Instruments (chaired by James Cottingham, Shigeru Yoshikawa and Yuebei Wu), Acoustics of Traditional Musical Practices and Instruments (chaired by Jean-Pierre Hermand, Stephanie Weisser, Quan Zheng and Thomas Moore, and cosponsored with the Technical Committee on Psychological and Physiological Acoustics and the Technical Committee on Signal Processing in Acoustics), Singing Voice in Asian Cultures (chaired by Johan Sundberg, Ken-Ichi Sakakibara and Baoqiang Han), and Musical Timbre: Perception and Analysis/Synthesis (chaired by James Beauchamp and Andrew Horner, and cosponsored with the Technical Committee on Psychological and Physiological Acoustics). A concert and puppet show was also sponsored by the TCMU. The best student paper awards were presented to Brian Monson (National Center for Voice and Speech) and Brandon August (Rollins College).

James Cottingham continues to maintain an excellent website for TCMU  ( It includes links to future meetings, minutes to  previous TCMU meetings, annual reports, student paper award winners, and useful links to teaching websites and musical acousticians.

Chair, 2011–2014

List of committee members


The Technical Committee on Noise (TCNS) continued to be very active in 2011-2012. Scott Sommerfeldt  has been elected Chair of the committee for 2012-2015. Young presenter awardees were announced as being Jessica Morgan and J. James Epslin at the San Diego meeting (2 awards) and Jochen Steffens at the Hong Kong meeting.

The 162nd meeting of the ASA was held in San Diego, CA, and had 72 noise papers in 8 sessions. The Noise sessions were “Noise Impacts in Quiet Residential Communities,” chaired by Richard D. Horonjeff;  “General Topics - Outdoor Noise,” chaired by Dickson Hingson; “Impact of New Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Regulation on Hearing Protection (joint with ASACOS),” chaired by William J. Murphy; “Launch Vehicle Noise (joint with PA),” co-chaired by Kent L. Gee and R. Jeremy Kenny - 2 sessions; “Launch and Aircraft Noise (joint with PA),” chaired by Victor W. Sparrow; “New Advances in Bone and/or Tissue Conduction of Noise (joint with PP and SC),” chaired by Richard L. McKinley; and “General Topics in Noise,” chaired by Ann E. Bowles. Ken Kaliski also gave “Hot Topics in Noise:  Wind Turbines. There were fifteen (15) applicants for the Young Presenter Award. Ann Bowles served as TPOM representative for the meeting. The technical tour to the Conrad Prebys music center was sponsored by the committee. Standards groups also met at this meeting.

The 163rd meeting of the ASA was held in Hong Kong, The People's Republic of China, jointly with the Acoustical Society of China (ASC), the Western Pacific Acoustics Conference (WESPAC), and the Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics (HKIOA). There were 205 noise papers in 25 noise-led sessions. The sessions were:  “Noise Source Localization - 2 parts,” co-chaired by David Woolworth, Jun Yang, and S.K. Tang; “Annoyance and Health Effects - 2 parts (joint with ASACOS),” co-chaired by Klaus Genuit, K.C. Lam, and A. Lex Brown; “Ground Transportation Noise - 3 parts (joint with AB and ASACOS),” co-chaired by David Woolworth, Wing Tat Hung, and Ulf Sanberg; “Vibration and Structure-Borne Noise in Buildings (joint with SA and AA),” co-chaired by James E. Phillips and C. M. Mak; “Numerical Methods in Noise - 2 parts,” cochaired by R.C.K. Leung and Ke Liu; “Future of Acoustics:  East and West (joint with AB),” co-chaired by Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp, Michael Buckingham, and L Cheng; “Application of Geographic Information Systems to Manage and Control Urban Noise,” co-chaired by Jian Kang, C.W. Law, and Xianhui Li; “Active Noise Control - 3 parts (joint with EA, PA, and SP),” co-chaired by Siu Kit Lau, Xiaodong Li, Xiaojun Qiu, and Jun Yang; “Assessment and Measurement of Park Soundscapes (joint with ASACOS and AB), co-chaired by Paul Schomer, Andre Fiebig, and K.C. Lam; “Soundscape and Its Application -2 parts (joint with AA, AB, and ASACOS), cochaired by Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp and KC. Lam; “Environmental Noise and Regulations - 2 parts (joint with ASACOS), co-chaired by Robert Hellweg, Paul Schomer, Maurice Yeung, and Jiping Zhang;  “Ship Noise and Vibration - 2 parts,” co-chaired by Lin He and Changgeng Shuai; and “Noise Effects on Occupant Comfort and Performance in Buildings - 2 parts (joint with AA), co-chaired by Lily Wang and C. M. Mak; and “Impulsive Noise Exposure Metrics:  Development and Validation (joint with ASACOS, PP, and AB), chaired by Richard McKinley. There were twenty six (26) applicants for the Young Presenter Award. Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp was the TPOM representative for the meeting.

Thanks to following people who have represented TCNS within the ASA during this time:  Angelo Campanella on the Medals and Awards Committee, Ken Roy on the Membership Committee, Alan Wall on Student Council, Rich Peppin on ASACOS (Committee on Standards), and Paul Schomer, Standards Chair. For the Young Presenter Award, Steve Pettyjohn and Eric Reuter coordinated for San Diego, while Nancy Timmerman handled Hong Kong, assisted by Siu-Kit Lau, Paul Schomer, Angelo Campanella, and David Woolworth. The Associate Editors for Noise are Ben S. Cazzolato, Sanford Fidell, Vladimir Ostashev, Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp, and Kirill V. Horoshenkov, Mike Stinson for JASA Express Letters, and Alexandra Loubeau for POMA. Angelo Campanella is going off Medals and Awards and will be replaced with Ken Cunefare. Alan Wall is going off Student Council and will be replaced with Cameron Fackler. Mike Stinson has noted that his term is up for JASA Express Letters, and a new Editor is needed. Les Blomberg, of Noise Pollution Clearinghouse, continues to maintain the committee's website.

Chair, 2009–2012

List of committee members

Physical Acoustics

At the San Diego meeting, the Physical Acoustics Technical Committee Chair position went from Ron Roy to Albert Migliori of Los Alamos National Laboratory. The Physical Acoustics component of the ASA thanks Ron Roy for his tremendous dedication, leadership, and thoughtful advice that have improved the visibility and expanded membership of this area.

Ronald Roy was the TPOM representative for Physical Acoustics (PA) at the Hong Kong meeting. Charles Church is now the PA representative for the Membership Committee. Matthew Guild through the end of the Hong Kong meeting, and then Anand Swaminathan after Hong Kong meeting are the PA student representatives. The PA ASACOS representative is  Joel Mobley. E. Carr Everbach shepherded the awards committee consisting of  Roy Ronald, Anthony Atchley, Albert Migliori, Tom Matula and, Robert Keolian, where the Silver Medal in Physical Acoustics was awarded to a PA member, Andrea Prosperetti.

At San Diego, PA member Veerle Keppens, University of Tennessee, was named an ASA fellow. The PA meeting had over 70 attendees. Wes Nyborg has passed away at the age of 94. He lived a long life and touched many, many souls. Larry Crum suggested  a special session in honor of Wes,  a “memorial session” jointly with BA. Murray Korman and Josh Gladden put on an interactive demo show for about 75 middle school students.

At the San Diego meeting PA hosted special sessions: Physical Acoustics of Extreme Environments, Condensed Matter, and More. Organized by Veerle Keppens and Cristian Pantea. Physical Acoustics, Engineering Acoustics, and Structural Acoustics and Vibration: Hypersonic Spectroscopy of Microstructured Materials organized by Kenneth G. Foote, and Paul A. Snow.

Discussions were held on membership with a consensus that there should be only student and full memberships in ASA. The ongoing debate on paper versus electronic distribution of meeting programs remained inconclusive, with arguments for paper prevailing. An invited paper program (Whitlow Au) was discussed for JASA.

PA also decided to support the 2012 Physical Acoustics Summer School.

At Hong Kong, many PA members were unable to attend because of the travel expense. Total attendance for the joint PA and BA meeting was 35. PA sponsored four special sessions. Sonoluminescence organized by Larry Crum, Juan Tu and W.Z. Chen, Acoustic Micro- and Nanofluidics organized by John Allen, Richard Manasseh & James Friend (joint with BA), Metrics and Objectivity in Cavitation Research organized by Charles Church, Suk Wang Yoon and Gail ter Haar (joint with BA),and Emerging Technologies and Concepts in Ultrasonics organized by Won Suk Ohm and Preston Wilson (joint with EA).

PATC members are now:

Term to 2015: John M. Allen, Anthony A. Atchley, James P. Chambers, Charles C. Church, Kenneth G. Foote, Veerle M. Keppens, Robert G. Leisure, Philip L. Marston, Stuart B. Mitchell, Andrew A. Piacsek, Tyrone M. Porter, Peter H. Rogers, James M. Sabatier, D. Keith Wilson, Evgenia A. Zabolotskaya

Term to 2014: William C. K. Alberts II, Brian E. Anderson, Philippe Blanc-Benon, Robin O. Cleveland, Lawrence A. Crum, Francesco P. Curra, E. Carr Everbach, Michael R. Haberman, Jon R. La Follett, Bart Lipkens, Thomas J. Matula, Michelle E. Swearingen, Richard L. Weaver, Preston S. Wilson

Term to 2013: Michael R. Bailey, David T. Blackstock, David A. Brown, Kerry W. Commander, Bruce C. Denardo, Kent L. Gee, Murray S. Korman, Timothy G. Leighton, Albert Migliori, James G. Miller, Joel Mobley, Lev A. Ostrovsky, Neil A. Shaw, Victor W. Sparrow, Richard Stern, Joseph A. Turner, Mark S. Wochner

Chair, 2011–2014

List of committee members

Psychological and Physiological Acoustics

The tradition of the P&P Technical Committee emphasizing the Spring meeting over the Fall meeting continued, with the Fall 2011 meeting in San Diego, California having only two contributed P&P sessions. We thank Brenda Lonsbury-Martin for being our representative at the Technical Program Organizing Meeting (TPOM) for the San Diego meeting. A small, but lively Technical Committee meeting was held in San Diego, with the attendance of 17 ranging from an undergraduate to an Executive Council member (Barb Shinn Cunningham) and the Past ASA Vice-President (Judy Dubno). The Spring meeting in Hong Kong (Acoustics 2012 Hong Kong) was truly unique as a joint meeting with the Acoustical Society of China, the Western Pacific Acoustics Conference, and the Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics (the organizers). Although attendance was less than usual for a spring meeting, P&P was still very well represented and those attending enjoyed the variety of P&P special sessions, as well as exploring the wonderful city of Hong Kong. P&P had five excellent special sessions, including Open Challenges in Auditory Scene Analysis (organized by Mounya Elhilali, Daniel Pressnitzer, and Bosun Xie), Release from Masking in Listeners with Normal and Impaired Hearing (organized by Ruth Litovsky and Liang Li), Cortical Neuroimaging Techniques in Auditory Perception and Cognition (organized by Adrian KC Lee and Lin Chen), Current Issues in Auditory Cortex Physiology (organized by Christoph Schreiner and Jufang He), and Psychological and Physiological Basis of Tonal Language Processing (organized by Fan-Gang Zeng and Michael Tong). Patricia Kuhl also gave a fascinating keynote lecture on Monday morning to start the meeting, entitled “Language learning and the developing brain: Cross-cultural studies unravel the effects of biology and culture.” We are particularly grateful to Fan-Gang Zeng for serving as our representative at the TPOM (which took place in Hong Kong!); we can only imagine the numerous factors that needed to be balanced in organizing such a complex meeting.

The Technical Committee meeting in Hong Kong was very well attended, despite there not being the typical ASA social leading into this meeting – this was made up for by a P&P Happy Hour in Wan Chai following the TC meeting, organized by Adrian KC Lee (thanks KC!). The meeting included presentation of the submitted annual reports from the current Associate Editors (AEs) of JASA. Brenda Lonsbury-Martin is stepping down as AE for JASA after ~15 years of incredible service to P&P (although she can’t give it up completely - she is staying on as AE for JASA-EL)!  Ruth Litovsky, Chris Plack, and Michael Akeroyd are also stepping down, and were thanked for their valued service as AEs. We welcome Carolina Abdala, John Culling, Enrique Lopez-Poveda, and Chris Shera as new JASA AEs for P&P. The Technical Committee terms of Bernhard Seeber, Dan Tollin, Emily Buss, Erick Gallun, Gerald Kidd, José I. Alcántara, and Sridhar Kalluri came to an end, while the 3-year terms of Josh Bernstein, Chris Brown, Laurel Carney, Bob Lutfi, Ginny Richards, and Chris Shera began. The Technical Committee meeting was used as the venue to elect new members to the P&P technical committee, and the following new members were elected to begin their terms following the Spring 2013 meeting in Montreal: Michael Akeroyd, Rich Freyman, Adrian KC Lee, Ruth Litovsky, Ewan MacPherson, Dorea Ruggles, and Chris Stecker. Thanks to Bernhard Seeber and Dan Tollin for recruiting the candidates, preparing the ballots, and running the election. We thank Bill Hartmann, our representative to the Medals and Awards Committee, Lynne Werner, our outgoing representative to the Membership Committee (and Marjorie Leek, incoming Membership rep), Bill Woods, our representative to ASACOS (Standards), and Elin Roverud, our representative to Student Council. The P&P Technical Initiatives continue unchanged. The initiatives include limited travel support for invited speakers, student receptions, and homepage updating. Suggestions for uses of funds, including innovations such as workshops and satellite meetings, etc., are welcome and should be sent to

Finally, we thank Brenda Lonsbury-Martin (again) for guest editing the April 2012 issue of Acoustics Today, which focused entirely on P&P and provided all ASA members with an accessible and impressive sampling of the variety of fascinating work going on in our field.

Chair, 2011-2014

List of committee members


Signal Processing in Acoustics

The Signal Processing Technical Committee (SPTC) organized 3 special sessions for the November 2011 San Diego meeting and one special session for the May 2012 Hong Kong meeting.

The special sessions for San Diego were “Sampling methods for model-based parameter estimation,” organized by Paul Goggans and Ning Xiang, “Overcoming environmental/medium effects in acoustic tracking of features or parameters,” organized by Ananya Sen Gupta and Lee Culver, and “Fusion of acoustic signals with data from various sensor modalities,” organized by Grace Clarke and Colin Jemmott.

The Best Paper by a Young Presenter Award at the San Diego meeting was awarded to Martin Gassmann of Scripps Institution of Oceanography for the paper “Passive acoustic tracking of marine mammals and anthropogenic sound sources with autonomous three-dimensional small–aperture arrays.”

The Technical Committee is particularly proud of Theodore G. Birdsall who was awarded the Silver Medal in Signal Processing in Acoustics at the San Diego meeting.

Grace Clark presented a popular short course on Signal Processing in Acoustics at the San Diego meeting.          We thank our Technical Program Organizing Meeting (TPOM) representative for San Diego, Caglar Yardim.

In Hong Kong the Signal Processing in Acoustics special session was “Use of models in acoustic signal processing” organized by Ning Xiang.

The Best Paper by a Young Presenter Award at the Hong Kong meeting was awarded to Henglizi Zhang from the Nanjing University (China) for his paper entitled “An efficient post-processing filter for multi-channel acoustic echo cancellation system.”

We thank our Technical Program Organizing Meeting (TPOM) representative for Natalia Sidorovskaia. Brian Ferguson and Said Assous provided extra help at the Hong Kong meeting, and Ning Xiang pretty much carried the TC.

Special thanks go to Sean Fulop, Zoi-Heleni Michalopoulou and Edmund J. Sullivan, the signal processing Associate Editors of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, and to Jim Candy and Charlie Gaumond, the signal processing Associate Editors for JASA Electronic Letters, and Sean K. Lehman, the signal processing Associate Editor for Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics, for selfless service to the Society and SPTC.

The SP web site has been maintained by Brian Anderson and Sean Lehman, who also took care of the Gallery of Acoustics. Paul Gendron is responsible for the Student Challenge Problem.

Ed Sullivan serves as the SP representative to the Medals and Awards committee. Zoi-Heleni Michalopoulou serves as representative to the Membership Committee and Charlie Gaumond serves on the ASA Standards committee.

Thanks to Blaine Harker (BYU) for serving as student representative for Signal Processing in Acoustics.

Chair, 2009–2012

List of committee members

Speech Communication

The Speech Technical Committee (STC) supports the activities, meetings, publications, etc., for the largest technical area in the Society. This report covers the ASA meetings in San Diego, CA, and Hong Kong, China.

The current members of the TC are Suzanne E. Boyce, Bruce R. Gerratt, Eric J. Hunter, Jelena Krivokapic, Sungbok Lee, Conor T. McLennan, Geoffrey S. Morrison, Rajka Smiljanic, Mitchell S. Sommers, Brad H. Story, Scott L. Thomson, Peter J. Watson, Zhaoyan Zhang. Fredericka Bell-Berti, Ann R. Bradlow, Kate E. Bunton, Rachel Frush Holt, Kuniko Neilsen, Lawrence J. Rosenblum, Augustine Agwuele, Tessa C. Bent, Carol Y. Espy-Wilson, Helen M. Hanson, Michael B. Porter, Athanasios Katsamanis, Jody E. Kreiman, Shrikanth S. Narayanan, Sona Patel, Tarun Pruthi, Christine H. Shadle, Patrick Wolfe, and Xinhui Zhou. Many of these members are new to the TC. I welcome them heartily and thank them in advance for their support of our TC's efforts.

The committee was particularly saddened by the untimely death of member Susan Guion Anderson this past December. We will remember her and her service to the ASA with great fondness.

Other STC members who assisted us by serving on committees were Suzanne E. Boyce-Membership Committee, Shrikanth Narayanan-ASACOS, Anders Lofqvist-Medals and Awards Committee, Santiago Barreda-Student Council Representative, and Brad Story who maintains our web page. Santiago finished his term this past year and will be replaced by Jenna Luque. We thank Santiago for his very capable service and welcome Jenna into her new role.

There was no change in the Associate Editors for the SC areas this past year. Associate Editors of JASA are: Speech Perception- Abeer Alwan, Cynthia G. Clopper, John M. Hillenbrand, Benjamin R. Munson, Peggy B. Nelson, Brad H. Story; Speech Production-David Berry, Anders Lofqvist and Christine Shadle; Speech Processing-Carol Y. Espy-Wilson, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson and Shrikanth Narayanan. Associate Editors for JASA Express Letters are: Speech Perception-Sandra Gordon-Salant; Speech Production-Anders Lofqvist, and Speech Processing-Douglas D. O’Shaughnessy. The Associate Editors for Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics (POMA) is Peter Watson.

The two ASA meetings went very smoothly this year because of the particular efforts of several members. First, we are grateful to our Technical Program Organizing Meeting (TPOM) representatives, who sorted papers, arranged the technical programs, and determined presentation rooms. They were Amalia Arvaniti for the San Diego meeting and yours truly, Benjamin Munson, for the Hong Kong meeting. Amalia is to be strongly congratulated for coordinating the very complex organization that was required for the San Diego meeting, which had a very high number of submissions and many special sessions. We also enjoyed celebrating our new fellows Michael Owren and Mark Hasegawa-Johnson in San Diego.

To create stimulating and focused sessions, we sponsor special sessions every year, which focus on themes of interest to the speech community. In San Diego there were numerous special sessions on all areas of SC: speech production, perception, and processing. Though the SC attendance in Hong Kong was lower than normal, we nonetheless had one well attended special session there.

Student Activities

In our continuing effort to promote student participation in ASA meetings, the Speech Technical Committee sponsored two student activities at each meeting, a competition with a cash award for best student presentation and evening receptions in Cancun and Seattle. The student reception, which is joint with other technical committees, is intended to allow students to meet more senior ASA members informally. The receptions were well attended.

The student papers were judged by STC members and the winners were awarded $300 for first prize and $200 for second prize. At the San Diego meeting, Erin Rusow was the first place winner and Hyunjung Lee was the second place winner. At the Hong Kong meeting, Harim Kwon was the first place meeting and Robert Risley was the second place winter.

I have enjoyed working with the SC committee this year and look forward to another exciting year.

Chair, 2010–2013

List of committee members

Structural Acoustics and Vibration

The Structural Acoustics and Vibration Technical Committee (SAVTC) had a successful year with a number of special sessions sponsored at the meetings and Student Paper competitions at all of the meetings. The 161st meeting of ASA was held in Seattle, WA, the 162nd was held in San Diego, CA, and the 163rd meeting was held in Hong Kong, China.

At the 161st ASA meeting in Seattle, WA SAVTC sponsored five special sessions:

•     Fluid-Structure Interaction:  Experimental and Computational, Dean Capone,

•     Comparison of Array Measurements (Joint with Noise), Alan Wall, Kent Gee, Scott Sommerfeldt

•     Groundbourne vibration and transportation systems, James Phillips

•     Advancement in vibroacoustic treatments for vehicles, Ben Shafer and Micah Shepard

•     Designing Quiet Composite Structures, Gopal Mathur

The TPOM representatives were James Phillips and Ben Shafer and the winners of the Best Student Papers competition, coordinated by James Philips, were: first place, Matthew Shaw (BYU), and second place, Christina Naify (USC).

At the 162nd ASA meeting in San Diego, CA SAVTC sponsored three special sessions:

•     Special session(s) in honor of Gideon Maidanik, Dick Lyon and Joe Dickey

•     Extraction of Information from Correlation of Random Vibrations, Earl Williams and Karim Sabra

•     Multi-functional Composite Structures, Gopal Mathur

A distinguished lecture sponsored by SAVTC and presented by Dr. Goran Pavic of INSA de Lyon in France was also part of the San Diego meeting.

The TPOM representatives were James Phillips and Wen Li and the winners of the Best Student Papers competition, coordinated by Ben Shafer, were: first place, Micah Shepherd (Penn State), and second place, Alan Wall.

At the 163rd ASA meeting in Hong Kong, China, SAVTC sponsored three special sessions:

•     Energy based methods in structural acoustics, Wen Li, M.N Ichchou, Fusheng Sui

•     Machinery Noise and Vibration (Joint with Noise), Zhuang Li, Hongwei Lui

•     Noise Control Methods for Aerospace Structures, (Joint with Noise), Gopal Mathur

The TPOM representative was Wen Li and the winners of the Best Student Papers competition, coordinated by James Phillips, were: first place, André Verstappen, and second place, Ye Wang.

Chair, 2009–2012

List of committee members

Underwater Acoustics

The Underwater Acoustics (AO) Technical Committee (TC) met at the San Diego meeting on November 3rd, 2011, with Dan Rouseff chairing the meeting. Discussion of final preparations for the Hong Kong special sessions, and topics for the Kansas City and Montreal meetings were proposed.  A representative of the Standards Committee spoke on the new ISO standard, and George Frisk was appointed chair of the new committee. Committee members were encouraged to proposed names for a new UW TC chair (via email).

Underwater Acoustics had strong international participation in the Hong Kong meeting in May 2012. The UW TC meeting was held jointly with the Acoustical Oceanography TC, with DJ Tang – the incoming UW TC chair - acting as the meeting chair for UW. Six Special Sessions were held in Hong Kong, each with co-chairs and invited talks from both North America and China. The special sessions included Advances in Underwater Acoustic Communication and Networking, Sediment Acoustics on Continental Shelves, Time Series Analysis and Data Processing, Underwater Acoustics in Marginal Seas, and Waveguide Invariance.  Bill Kuperman was recognized at the meeting for his notable accomplishments resulting in receipt of the ASA Gold Medal.

A revised statement of technical scope was presented at the Baltimore meeting and accepted by unanimous vote. The proposed new scope is:

The Underwater Acoustics TC is focused on sound-wave phenomena in the ocean and seabed, with primary emphasis on the following topics:

  1. Propagation phenomena: steady-state and transient solutions of the wave equation, including boundary effects, and seismoacoustics.
  2. Scattering and reverberation: characterization and quantification.
  3. Ambient noise: noise sources, spectra, directionality, and spatial/temporal fluctuations.
  4. Signal processing and sonar algorithms, with emphasis on the detection of signals in noise and statistical analysis.
  5. Underwater acoustic instrumentation.

Dave Bradley gave a short presentation at the Baltimore meeting concerning the decline in the ONR funding for ocean acoustics and proposed that this concern be voiced in two letters, one from the ASA President and one signed by individuals in the acoustics community. A vote was conducted on the letter from the ASA, and passed overwhelmingly (ONR program managers abstained from the vote). Several ASA members signed the letter from the community. The ASA letter was approved by the Executive Council, and a signed copy is attached to this annual report.

Chair, 2012–2015

List of committee members