Annual Reports of Technical Committees for 2013-2014

Technical Committees represent thirteen different areas of acoustics in the Society. Appointments to the Technical Committees take place in January. Members who are interested in being appointed to a technical comittee should send a message to

Acoustical Oceanography (AO)
Animal Bioacoustics (AB)
Architectural Acoustics (AA)
Biomedical Acoustics (BA)
Engineering Acoustics (EA)
Musical Acoustics (MU)
Noise (NS)
Physical Acoustics (PA)
Psychological and Physiological Acoustics (PP)
Signal Processing in Acoustics (SP)
Speech Communication (SC)
Structural Acoustics and Vibration (SA)
Underwater Acoustics (UW)



Acoustical Oceanography

The Acoustical Oceanography Technical Committee had a very productive year in 2013-2014. This annual report reviews events from the 166th and 167th meetings of Acoustical Society of America (ASA) in San Francisco, CA and Providence, RI.

The highlight of the San Francisco meeting was the 2013 Munk Award Lecture, presented by W. Stephen Holbrook of the University of Wyoming, entitled “Ten years of seismic oceanography: Accomplishments and challenges”. The Munk Award and Medal are granted jointly by The Oceanography Society, The Office of Naval Research, and the Office of the Oceanographer of the Navy. The award was given for his use of low frequency seismic reflection profiling to image the water column which has provided quantitative and novel insights into the structure and dynamics of internal waves, eddies and mixing processes. Steve Holbrook is honored as the father of the new field of "Seismic Oceanography". Also at the San Francisco meeting, AO sponsored two special sessions: 1)  “Acoustics for Cabled Observatories,” organized by Thomas Dakin (Ocean Networks Canada) and Bruce Howe (University of Hawaii), and 2) “Properties Trends, and Utilization of Ocean Noise,” organized by Jennifer Miksis-Olds (ARL-Penn. State)  and Zoi-Heleni Michalopoulou (New Jersey Institute of Technology). The AO Technical Committee would like to thank Jim Lynch for representing AO at the Technical Program Organizing Meeting held in San Francisco in July 2013, and for diverging from tradition and organizing a highly successful, joint AO and UW, poster session. The AO and UW student papers and posters were combined at the San Francisco meeting. Erin Fischell (MIT) won first prize in the competition for Best Student Paper for her poster entitled “Supervised machine learning for estimation of rough bottom anisotropy direction using bistatic acoustic scattered fields,” and Sean Walstead (Scripps) was awarded second prize for his poster entitled “Surface wave shape inversion from forward scattered ocean acoustic data”. Katherine Woolfe (Georgia Institute of Technology) won first prize in the competition for Best Student Paper for her presentation entitled Passive acoustic thermometry of the deep water sound channel using ambient noise,” and Tao Lin (New Jersey Institute of Technology) was awarded second prize for his presentation entitledAn inverse method for estimating sediment sound speed”.

The highlight of the Providence meeting was the presentation of the 2014 Medwin Prize in Acoustical Oceanography, awarded to Andone Lavery, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, Massachusetts. This prize recognizes the accomplishments of young and mid- career scientists involved in research that addresses the effective use of sound in the discovery and understanding of physical and biological parameters and processes in the sea. Dr. Lavery presented the prize lecture, entitled “Advances in remote inference of physical and biological parameters using acoustic scattering techniques: Mapping the ocean in broadband color.” Also at the Providence meeting, AO sponsored a very well-attended special session on “Using Acoustics to Study Fish Distribution and Behavior,” organized by Kelly Benoit-Bird (Oregon State University) and Timothy K. Stanton (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. The AO Technical Committee would like to thank Tim Stanton for representing AO at the Technical Program Organizing Meeting held in Providence in January 2014. Craig Dolder (Appl. Res. Labs, The Univ. of Texas at Austin) won first prize in the competition for Best Student Paper for his presentation on “Extracting effective medium properties for fish schools from resonator and free-field measurements” and Adaleena Mookerjee (Univ. of Michigan) was awarded second prize for her presentation on “Comparison of near-field acoustic coherent backscattering simulations with optics theory and experiments”.

This report is my first as Chair of the AO Technical Committee. I want to close by thanking the outgoing chair, Martin Siderius, for helping to make the transition as smooth as possible, and also by thanking all the many volunteers who make the activities of the AO Technical Committee possible. I look forward to working with the AO Technical Committee and the ASA community more broadly for the rest of my term as chair.

Andone C. Lavery
Chair 2014-2017

List of Committee Members



Animal Bioacoustics

This report covers the activities of the Technical Committee on Animal Bioacoustics (TCAB) and its members during the period from July 2013 through June 2014.

The 165th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America was held at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square Hotel, in San Francisco, CA, Dec 2-6, 2013.

Animal Bioacoustics sponsored or co-sponsored the following 14 special sessions at San Francisco meeting:

Signal Identification, processing and analysis, Brian Branstetter, Chair, with 16 contributed papers; Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Marine Mammals, Michael Stocker, Chair, with 8 contributed papers; Noise Impacts on Marine Life, Michael Stocker, Chair, with 8 invited papers;

Broadening Applications of Tags to Study Animal Bioacoustics I and II, (Joint with Acoustical Oceanography), Marla Holt and Alison Stimpert, Co-chairs, with 15 invited papers and 4 contributed papers; Bearing Measurement Methods for Small Wideband Sonars (Joint with Engineering Acoustics and Acoustical Oceanography), Kenneth M. Walsh, Chair, with 4 invited papers and 1 contributed paper; Neural Mechanisms of Complex Sound Discrimination I and II, (Joint with Signal Processing in Acoustics, Psychological and Physiological Acoustics, and Speech Communication), Andrea Simmons and Hiroshi Riquimaroux, Co-chairs, with 11 invited papers and 6 contributed papers; Wind Turbine Noise, joint with Noise and ASA Committee on Standards, Nancy S. Timmerman and Paul D. Schomer, Co-chairs, with 4 invited papers and 3 contributed papers; Bioacoustic Contributions to the Soundscape I and II, John Hildebrand and Simone Baumann-Pickering, Co-chairs, with 10 invited papers and 13 contributed papers; Properties, Trends, and Utilization of Ocean Noise I and II (Joint with Acoustical Oceanography), Jennifer L. Miksis-Olds and Zoi-Heleni Michalopoulou, Co-chairs, with 11 invited papers and 9 contributed papers; and Animal Hearing and Vocalization, Michael A. Stocker, Chair, with 7 contributed papers.

The TCAB thanks Michael Stocker for serving as its representative to the Technical Program Organizing Meeting for the San Francisco meeting.

Congratulations to the Animal Bioacoustics Best Student Paper Award winners at the San Francisco Meeting, First:  Shima Abadi, University of Michigan, Comparison of remote ranging techniques for bowhead whale calls in a dispersive underwater sound channel. Second: Caroline Casey, University of California, Santa Cruz, The acoustic signature of the male northern elephant seal: Individual variation supports recognition during competitive interactions; Second: Mittu Pannala, Virginia Tech, Dynamic encoding of sensory information in biomimetic sonar baffle.

The 167th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America was held at the Convention Center in Providence, RI, May 5-9, 2014.

Animal Bioacoustics sponsored or co-sponsored the following 8 special sessions at the Providence  meeting:  Communicating the Science of Underwater Sound (Joint with Education in Acoustics), Kathleen J. Vigness-Raposa, Chair, with 6 invited papers; Comparative Perspectives on the Cocktail Party Problem I and II (Joint with Psychological and Physiological Acoustics), Micheal L. Dent and Mark Bee, Co-Chairs, with 16 invited papers and 1 contributed paper; Dynamics of Biosonar: Time-Dependent Adaptations in Transmission, Reception, and Representation in Echolocating Animals I (Joint with Signal Processing in Acoustics), Laura Kloepper, Chair, with 6 invited papers;  Dynamics of Biosonar: Time-Dependent Adaptations in Transmission, Reception, and Representation in Echolocating Animals II (Joint with Signal Processing in Acoustics), James A. Simmons, Chair, with 2 invited papers and 10 contributed papers; Acoustics as a Tool for Population Structure I, II, and III, Shannon Rankin and Kathleen Stafford, Co-Chairs, with 4 invited papers and 40 contributed papers.

The TCAB thanks Jim Simmons for serving as its representative to the Technical Program Organizing Meeting for the Providence meeting.

Animal Bioacoustics was represented in the 2014 ASA School in Providence by Professor Peter Narins of University of California, Los Angeles. His lecture was titled, Exploring Animal Bioacoustics: Adventures of an Expeditionary Biologist. Fifty-eight students participated in this two-day event.

            Congratulations to the Animal Bioacoustics Best Student Paper Award winners at the Providence Meeting. First prize:  Adrienne Copeland for her paper, Investigating the relationship between foraging odontocetes and ocean acoustic biomass off the Kona coast of the Island of Hawaii; Second prize:  Michaela Warnecke for her paper, Target shape perception and clutter rejection use the same mechanism in bat sonar.

Animal Bioacoustics (AB) topics were well represented in the journal publications of the Society. There were 20 AB papers published in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America and JASA Express Letters during the period covered by this report.

Associate Editors who served in the area of Animal Bioacoustics during the period covered by this report include Whitlow W. L. Au, Richard R. Fay, James J. Finneran, Mardi C. Hastings, David K. Mellinger, Cynthia Moss, Michael J. Owren, Arthur N. Popper, Andrea M. Simmons. and James A. Simmons for JASA; Cynthia F. Moss for JASA Express Letters; and Micheal Dent and Richard R. Fay for Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics.

The Animal Bioacoustics community remembers Michael J. Owren, a dedicated teacher and scientist, who investigated the biological foundations of animal and human communication. Michael died Jan. 15, 2014, at his home in Atlanta.

The TCAB was represented on various ASA committees that help to conduct the business of the Society. They include the Associate Editors mentioned above who serve on the Editorial Board; James A. Simmons on the Medals and Awards Committee; Aaron Thode on the Membership Committee; Samuel L. Denes on the Student Council; and Marla Holt on the ASA Committee on Standards.

Several meeting abstracts were featured in the press releases of the ASA for the San Francisco and Providence Meetings, and 9 authors of papers on animal bioacoustics topics prepared lay-language versions of their papers to be used for outreach by ASA to science writers and the general public. These can be viewed at the ASA Press Room.

The Animal Bioacoustics webpage is online where visitors can find information about animal bioacoustics topics, including topics covered by AB, new books, conferences, and useful links.

The TCAB members also participate in the Standards activities of the Society through its representative on ASACOS and through a Standards Committee: Accredited Standards Committee S3, Subcommittee 1, Animal Bioacoustics. David K. Delaney of USA CERL serves as Chair and Dorian Houser, serves as Vice Chair. This committee's scope covers standards, specifications, methods of measurement and test, instrumentation and terminology in the field of psychological and physiological acoustics, including aspects of general acoustics, which pertain to biological safety, tolerance and comfort of non-human animals, including both risk to individual animals and to the long-term viability of populations. Animals to be covered may potentially include commercially-grown food animals; animals harvested for food in the wild; pets; laboratory animals; exotic species in zoos, oceanaria or aquaria; or free-ranging wild animals. There are currently two active standards-writing groups functioning under the auspices of the Committee, including S3/SC 1/WG1 Animal Bioacoustics Terminology and S3/SC 1/WG2 Effects of Sound on Fish and Turtles. For additional details about Standards activities of this group, please visit

Further evidence of the TCAB’s outreach and influence on the field of animal bioacoustics, both in the U.S. and abroad, is the sponsorship and co-sponsorship of symposia and other meetings. ASA is co-sponsoring an upcoming bat echolocation satellite symposium, which took place before the International Congress in Neuroethology in Sapporo, Japan in July 2014. Four ASA member graduate students and postdocs received travel support to attend this international satellite symposium.

Cynthia F. Moss
Chair, 2012-2015

List of Committee Members



Architectural Acoustics

Once again the Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics (TCAA) continues its focus on:

  1. A rich diversity of relevant ASA Conference Events
  2. Outreach and Advocacy in the discipline in between conventions
  3. A steady Focus on Future Growth

In a manner to promote continuity and organizational vitality.

TCAA Organizational Abstract:

The state of the TCAA is very healthy due to the long history of visionary professionals that have lead passionately over the years.

A key to the health of TCAA is the professional diversity in application ranging from Academic, Consultants, Manufactures, Architects, and more. This diversity provides stability in economically adverse cycles, a rich pool of talent and serving capacity, as well as “full loop” interest from concept and research to application and solution.

Another key to the health and vitality of TCAA is leadership development. The TC develops leadership, experience and continuity by promoting team over point person approach in a verity of important roles. As example the TCAA Chair appoints a secretary to a) assist in the chair’s functions and b) learn the process, procedures and duties of the chair developing an excellent candidate as future chair. We intend to implement a similar continuity model across the Medals & Awards, Membership, and other Committees and Subcommittees.

ASA Conference Events

The productivity of ASA members focused on Architectural Acoustics (AA) continues to be reflected in the numerous special sessions, organized by specialists passionate about a topic, and populated by authors generous to advance it.

Spring 2013 Montreal:

As Alex previously reported, at the spring 2013 conference in Montréal, Architectural Acoustics was lead sponsor of 144 papers across 18 special sessions, 1 Student Design Competition, 1 Technical Tour, plus the Student Paper Competition. As with Hong Kong, this joint meeting in an international location required above-and-beyond administrative attention. We are indebted to Michael Stinson (General Chair), Luc Mongeau (Technical Program Chair), and our Technical Program Organizing Meeting representative, Eric Reuter. I will add that TCAA welcomed 101 attendees in our Technical Committee meeting.

Fall 2013 San Francisco:

The Fall 2013 conference in San Francisco; TCAA sponsored 179 papers and posters across 8 special sessions along with the Student Paper Competition. A Special thanks to James Phillips and Roger Schwenke serving as General Chair and Technical Program Chair respectively. Amanda Lind assisted by Eric Reuter our Technical Program Organizing Meeting representatives. The TCAA welcomed 68 attendees in our Technical Committee meeting.

Spring 2014 Providence:

The Spring 2014 meeting in Providence; We welcomed 122 attendees in our Technical Committee meeting and sponsored 96 papers across 13 special sessions, distinguished lectures, Student Design competition, tours and demonstrations. Thank you Tim Foulkes for serving as our Technical Program Organizing Meeting representative.

Outreach and Advocacy efforts took many forms this year:

American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System

The Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics (TCAA) continues to be a Registered Provider in the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education System (CES). The TCAA has developed a standardized introductory short course for architects, called “Architectural Acoustics.” An architect can earn one continuing education unit (CEU) by attending this short course, if it is presented by a qualified member of TCAA. The course covers topics in sound isolation, mechanical system noise control, and finish treatments. The development of a second course focusing on acoustics in healthcare spaces was proposed and accepted at the Providence meeting. In order to qualify as an authorized presenter for each AIA/CES short course, presenters must be in attendance at a special workshop, organized and offered periodically at ASA meetings –San Francisco, most recently, with more to follow at future meetings – and membership in TCAA are required.

Publications from and related to Architectural Acoustics

Work continues on a title capturing the state of the architectural acoustics art for worship spaces, led by Erica Ryherd, David Bradley, and Lauren Ronsse. This follows a proven concept as demonstrated most recently in the drama theater book published last year. The new book will be based in part on the previously held ASA poster sessions on the topic.

A fourth Classroom Acoustics booklet, “Classroom Acoustics for Architects” is in the final stages of publication. This serves as a companion for ANSI S12.60, with architects as the target audience. An additional booklet aimed at school administrators is in the draft stage of production.

Our Focus on Future Growth is realized in the following ways:

Student paper awards

TCAA Student Paper Award competitions continue to run at each biannual ASA conference. We congratulate the following students

Results from Montreal:

1st:  Timothy Newman A six sensor method for measuring acoustic properties in ducts

2nd:  Soenke Pelzer Inversion of a room acoustics model for the determination of acoustical surface properties in enclosed spaces

Results from San Francisco:

1st: Zhao Peng, University of Nebraska—Lincoln How room acoustics impacts speech comprehension by listeners with varying English proficiency levels

2nd: Kathryn Hom, Berkeley, CA The effect of two different rooms on acoustical and perceptual measures of mixed choir sound.

Results from Montréal:

Norman H. Philipp, Andy Miller, and David Woolworth organized a very successful design competition, with 14 schools from around the world participating.

First Honors:

Isak Naslund – Chalmers University
Hjalmar Kaudern – Chalmers University
Xianjuan Wong – Chalmers University


Andrew Schmidt – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Ted Pitney – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Jeff Carter – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Mizuki Inoue - Tokyo Institute of Technology Kaoru Watanabe – Tokyo Institute of Technology Kayoko Imaiida – Tokyo Institute of Technology

Shota Ishizuka – Shibaura Institute of Technology Arata Onoshima – Tokyo Institute of Technology Chiemi Wakabayashi – Tokyo Institute of Technology

Yoshihiro Miura – Meiji University

Koichi Toida – Meiji University

Tomoya Yoshimitsu – Meiji University


Concert Hall Research Group Summer Institute

The next gathering of leading researchers, practitioners, early career professionals and students for a concentrated set of experiences on architectural acoustics is in the planning stages for August 2014

Lastly, I wish to highlight and thank the key leadership of the relevant committees related to architectural acoustics. Tim Foulkes was our representative on the Medals and Awards Committee. Ron Freiheit serves on the Membership Committee, and Angelo J. Campanella is the TCAA representative to the ASA Committee on Standards Ellen Peng serves on the Student Council. Also thanks to Sean Browne who has transformed our website, the Associate Editors in Architectural Acoustics are Lily Wang, Franck Sgard, Jason Summers, Michael Vorländer and Ning Xiang for JASA, & JASA Express Letters with Lauren Ronsse is our incoming POMA editor. And a special thanks to Erica Ryherd who serves on Women in Acoustics and as the Secretary of our technical committee.

Kenneth W. Good Jr.
TCAA Chair, 2013-2016

List of Committee Members



Biomedical Acoustics

The 166th ASA meeting in San Francisco featured several interesting special sessions sponsored by Biomedical Acoustics (BA), including "Bubble detection in diagnostic and therapeutic applications" organized by Eleanor Stride,  "Nanobubbles, nanoparticles, and nanodroplets for biomedical acoustic applications" organized by Jonathan Mamou and Jeff Ketterling , "Application of acoustic radiation force in medical imaging" organized by Mostafa Fatemi (joint with Signal Processing), "Field characterization and dosimetry for therapeutic ultrasound applications" organized by Vera Khokhlova and Gail ter Haar (joint with PA), and "Recent advances in Therapeutic Ultrasound" organized by Larry Crum. The TPOM representative for the San Francisco meeting was Tom Matula. Kirk Shung from the University of Southern California gave an excellent 'Hot Topics' presentation on acoustical tweezers and ultrahigh frequency ultrasound in San Francisco. In addition, Dr. Jeff Elias from the University of Virginia gave a very interesting Distinguished Lecture on MR-guided HIFU for noninvasive treatments of essential tremor.

We had an eventful awards ceremony at the San Francisco meeting, where Kullervo Hynynen was awarded the Silver Medal in Biomedical Acoustics “for contributions to the science and the clinical applications of therapeutic ultrasound,” and Kausik Sarkar became an ASA fellow “for contributions to the modeling of ultrasound microbubbles.”  Tao Sun (Columbia), who won the raffle for the ‘Take-a-Student-to-the-Fellows-Luncheon’ at the student reception, was hosted by Vera Khokhlova. Also, Bob McGough took Pegah Aslani (BYU) to ‘Students Meet Members for Lunch.’  At this meeting, the Biomedical Acoustics Technical Committee (BATC) sponsored a technical initiative, which was submitted by Vera Khokhlova, to cosponsor the 14th International Symposium of Therapeutic Ultrasound (ISTU). This meeting took take place April 2-5, 2014, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 167th ASA meeting was held in Providence. The special sessions were "Breast Ultrasound" organized by Koen W. A. van Dongen, "Brain therapy and imaging" organized by Yun Jing, and "Biomedical applications of low intensity ultrasound" organized by Tom Szabo. The TPOM representatives for the Providence meeting were Tyrone Porter and Carr Everbach. Christy Holland took Ying Luan (from Oxford and Ron Roy took Weiyu Ran (from Clemson) to the Society Luncheon on Thursday.

We had another outstanding student poster competition in Providence. This poster competition was organized and coordinated by Kevin Haworth. The winners of the poster competition were Himanshu Shekhar (first place), Karla Mercado (second place), and Tom Kokhuis (third place). The poster judges in Providence were Paul Barbone, Parag Chitnis, Tim Doyle, Vera Khokhlova, Subha Maruvada, Bob McGough, Daniel Rohrbach, Kausik Sarkar, Tom Szabo, Brian Tracey, Koen van Dongen, Likun Zhang.

We also had an eventful BATC meeting on Thursday night. At this meeting, we updated the composition of the BATC medals and awards selection committee, and we discussed possible changes to the best paper award. A change to the table of contents of JASA was also announced, where papers from BA and AB are now listed under separate headings. However, the associate editors for BA and AB are still grouped together. The winner of the recent election for the new BATC Chair was also announced: Nathan McDannold from Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard.

We also made several changes in the committee representatives in the past year. In San Francisco, the outgoing BATC representatives were: Ron Roy for Medals and Awards, Mike Bailey for Membership, and Vera Khokhlova for ASACOS. The incoming BATC representatives at the San Francisco meeting were: Mike Bailey for Medals and Awards, Tom Matula for Membership, and Wayne Kreider for ASACOS. Several more changes were made in Providence, where the outgoing BATC representatives were: Mike Bailey for Medals and Awards and Jason Raymond for Student Council. Starting at the next ASA meeting in Indianapolis, Constantin Coussios will become the BATC Medals and Awards representative, and Camilo Perez (from the University of Washington) will be the new Student Council representative for BATC.

The efforts of everyone who contributed to the Biomedical Acoustics Technical Committee this past year are gratefully acknowledged. This includes, but is not limited to, incoming and outgoing BATC representatives on committees (Medals and Awards, Membership, and ASACOS) for the Acoustical Society, Associate Editors, special session organizers, session chairs, the student council representative, poster session judges, and the poster session organizer. The Associate Editors of JASA and JASA-EL for BA related areas are Paul Barbone, Charles Church, Robin Cleveland, Guillaume Haïat, Mark Hamilton, Mardi Hastings, Tim Leighton, Doug Miller, Oleg Sapozhnikov, Martin Verweij, Keith Wear, and Suk Wang Yoon. Charlie Church is the BA editor for POMA. I would also like to thank everyone else who contributed to or participated in Biomedical Acoustics activities during the past year.

The Providence meeting was my last meeting as BATC Chair. I appreciate having this opportunity, and I really enjoyed serving as BATC Chair, where the best part was working with all of the outstanding people on the Biomedical Acoustics Technical Committee. I greatly appreciate all of your efforts over the last three years.

Robert J. McGough
Chair, 2011-2014

List of Committee Members



Engineering Acoustics

The Technical Committee on Engineering Acoustics extends its thanks to the following representatives who served as committee members and associate editors:  Stephen C. Thompson, Membership Committee; Gary W. Elko, Medals and Awards Committee; Robert M. Drake, ASACOS; and Caleb F. Sieck, Student Council. JASA Associate Editors are Thomas R. Howarth, Mark Sheplak, David A. Brown, Mingsan R. Bai, and D. D. Ebenezer. The JASA Express Letters Associate Editor is Mark Sheplak and the POMA Associate Editor is Fernando Garcia-Orsuna. Roger T. Richards served as the Engineering Acoustics representative to the Technical Program Organizing Committee meetings for the spring 2013, fall 2013, and spring 2014 meetings. 

Congratulations are extended to new Fellows and award recipients including Mark Hamilton who was awarded the Helmholtz-Rayleigh Interdisciplinary Silver Medal in Physical Acoustics, Biomedical Acoustics, and Engineering Acoustics at the spring 2014 meeting in Providence. David A. Brown, Robert M. Koch, and Michael Scanlon were elected to Fellowship in the Society in 2013. 

The TCEA gratefully thanks and acknowledges the organizers of special sessions and those who served as chair or cochair of sessions sponsored and cosponsored by Engineering Acoustics during the period covered by this report.

Spring 2013, Montreal:

Best Student Papers in Engineering Acoustics award winners were Peter McKeon, Georgia Institute of Technology, first prize and Ellen Skow, Georgia Institute of Technology, second prize.

TCEA sponsored the following sessions.

Acoustics for Navigation, organized and chaired by Robert D. White, 3 invited and 1 contributed abstracts

Active and Passive Control of Fan Noise, organized and cochaired by Alain Berry and Anthony Gerard, 3 invited and 8 contributed abstracts

Computational Methods in Transducer Design, Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization I, II, III,

organized and chaired by Daniel M. Warren, 2 invited and 25 contributed abstracts

Controlling Sound Quality, Stephen Butler, chair, 12 contributed abstracts

Directional and Non-Directional Microelectromechanical Microphones, organized and chaired by Gary W. Elko, 3 invited and 5 contributed abstracts

Fields and Devices, Daniel Armstrong, chair, 13 contributed abstracts

Non-Contact Ultrasonic Methods, organized and cochaired by Michael Haberman and Nico DeClercq, 2 invited 6 contributed abstracts

Sound Field Control in the Ear Canal, organized and cochaired by Pablo Hoffmann and Janina Fels, 6 invited and 7 contributed abstracts

Thermoacoustics, Roger Richards, chair, 8 contributed abstracts

Transduction, Transducers, and Energy Harvesting, Stephen Butler, chair, 11 contributed abstracts 

TCEA cosponsored the following sessions.

Acoustic Metamaterials I and II, Yun Jing and Dean Capone, cochairs, 4 invited and 8 contributed abstracts (sponsored by Structural Acoustics and Vibration)

Acoustic Sensing Via Fiber Optics, Jeremy Brown and Andrew McNeese, cochairs, 1 invited and 1 contributed abstract (sponsored by Underwater Acoustics)

Array Signal Processing for Three-Dimensional Audio Applications I, Yang Hann Kim and Jung-Woo Choi, cochairs, 10 invited and 7 contributed abstracts (sponsored by Signal Processing in Acoustics)

Nearfield Acoustical Holography (NAH) Measurements and Applications, Alba Granados and Alan T. Wall, cochairs, 7 contributed abstracts (sponsored by Signal Processing in Acoustics)

Wind Turbine Noise I and II, Nancy Timmerman, Paul Schomer, and Sheryl Grace, cochairs, 7 invited and 6 contributed abstracts (sponsored by Noise)

Fall 2013, San Francisco: 

Best Student Papers in Engineering Acoustics award winners were Mustafa Z. Abbasi, University of Texas at Austin, first prize and Ellen Skow, Georgia Institute of Technology, second prize.

TCEA sponsored the following sessions.

Beam Control of Microphone and Transducer Arrays, Michael Zarnetski, chair, 10 contributed abstracts 

Composite Plates (cosponsored by Structural Acoustics and Vibration), organized and chaired by Andrew J. Hull, 3 invited and 3 contributed abstracts

Energy Harvesting from Acoustic Phenomena, organized and chaired by Kenneth Cunefare, 3 invited and 2 contributed abstracts

General Engineering Acoustics: Mufflers, Waveguides, Materials, and Other Topics, Roger T. Richards, chair, 9 contributed abstracts

Non-Traditional Electro-Acoustic Transducer Design I and II, organized and chaired by John Blottman, 5 invited and 10 contributed abstracts

TCEA cosponsored the following sessions.

Jet and Other Aeroacoustic Noise Source Characteristics I and II, Kent Gee and Tracianne Nielsen, cochairs, 9 invited and 7 contributed abstracts (sponsored by Physical Acoustics) 

Structural Health Monitoring I and II, organized by Tribkram Kundu and Anthony Croxford, cochairs, 9 invited and 1 contributed abstract (sponsored by Structural Acoustics and Vibration)

Spring 2014, Providence

Stephen Thompson presented The Engineering Acoustics Technical Committee: Where practical applications begin” in the special sessionIntroduction to Technical Committee Research and Activities: Especially for Students and First Time Meeting Attendees. The session was sponsored by the Student Council to give newcomers a brief overview of research performed in each of the technical committees. 

Kenneth Cunefare represented Engineering Acoustics in the Hot Topics session with his paper titled “Energy Harvesting from acoustic fields.”  Ken also wrote a lay language version of the paper which can be found at

The well attended tutorial lecture by Floyd Toole titled Sound Reproduction: Science in the Service of Art was presented on Monday evening. The lecture examined the acoustical properties of loudspeakers, rooms, and listeners. 

Best Student Papers in Engineering Acoustics award winners were Andrew A. Acquaviva, Pennsylvania State Univ., first prize and Robert C. Randall, Raytheon, second prize. 

TCEA sponsored the following sessions.

Devices and Flow Noise, Roger Richards, 13 contributed abstracts

Session in Honor of Kim Benjamin, organized and chaired by Thomas R. Howarth, 7 invited abstracts 

Session in Honor of Stanley L. Ehrlich, organized and chaired by David A. Brown and Kenneth L. Foote, 4 invited and 4 contributed abstracts

Transduction, Dehua Huang, chair, 8 contributed abstracts

TCEA cosponsored the following sessions:

Acoustic Metamaterials I and II, organized and chaired by Christina J. Naify and Michael Haberman, 9 invited and 7 contributed abstracts (sponsored by Structural Acoustics and Vibration)

Roger T. Richards
Chair, 2012–2015

List of Committee Members



Musical Acoustics

During 2013‐2014 the Technical Committee on Musical Acoustics (TCMU) was chaired by Thomas Moore. The representatives to the Society committees were: James P. Cottingham, Medals and Awards; Andrew Morrison, Committee on Standards and the Publication Policy Committee; James Beauchamp, Membership; and Chris Jasinski, Student Council. Associate editors of the society publications for the area of musical acoustics were Diana Deutsch, Thomas Moore and Joe Wolf (JASA); Diana Deutsch, D. Murray Campbell, Thomas Rossing and Thomas Moore (JASA Express Letters); and James Beauchamp (POMA). The Technical Program Organizing Committee (TPOM) representatives for the two meetings of the ASA were Thomas Rossing (San Francisco) and Eric Dieckman (Providence). Those appointed or reappointed as TCMU members during the year were: Bozena Kostek, Chris Jasinski, Courtney Burroughs, Daniel Russell, Daniel Ludwigsen, David Sharp, Edgar Berdahl, Joe Wolfe, Joël Gilbert, Judith Brown, Julius Smith, Thomas Huber, Thomas Moore, Thomas Rossing, Timothy Leishman, Wilfried Kausle, and William J. Strong.

At the 166th meeting of the ASA in San Francisco, December 2-6, 2013, the TCMU sponsored four special sessions and one general session. The four special sessions were: Experiments and Laboratory Curricula for Undergraduate Courses in Musical Acoustics (Jack Dostal, chair), Digital Musical Instruments (Edgar Berdahl, chair), Acoustics of Percussion Instruments (Thomas Moore, chair), and Computational Methods in Musical Acoustics (Edgar Berdahl, chair). Winners of the award for best student papers were John Granzow and Jennifer Biernat. The TCMU also sponsored a percussion concert, which was associated with the session on percussion instruments.

At the 167th ASA meeting in Providence, May 5-9, 2014, the TCMU sponsored one general and three special sessions. The special sessions were: Past Student Paper Award Winners Report (Jim Cottingham, chair), Acoustics of the Organ (Uwe Hansen, chair) and Automatic Musical Accompaniment Systems (Christopher Raphael and James Beauchamp, co-chairs). Arshia Cont and Whitney Coyle won the awards for Best Student Papers. The TCMU also sponsored a performance and presentation on the organ at The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, as well as a concert demonstrating automatic accompaniment systems.

James Cottingham continues to maintain an excellent website for TCMU, which can be accessed at ( It includes links to future meetings, minutes of previous TCMU meetings, annual reports, student paper award winners, and useful links to teaching websites and musical acousticians.

The TCMU elected a new chair. Andrew Morrison of Joliette Junior College assumed the duties of chair following the spring meeting.

Thomas R. Moore
Chair, 2012-2014

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During this past year, Young Presenter awardees were announced as being Whitney Coyle and Pegah Aslani at the San Francisco meeting, and Ben Christensen at the Providence meeting.

The 166th meeting of the ASA was held in San Francisco, CA, and had 77 noise papers in 8 sessions. The Noise sessions were "Minimum Sound Requirements for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles to Protect Pedestrians (joint with ASACOS)", co-chaired by Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp and William J. Murphy;  "Standardization in Soundscape (joint with ASACOS)", co-chaired by Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp and Bennett M. Brooks; "Launch Vehicle Acoustics (joint with PA and SA)", co-chaired by Kent L. Gee, Tracianne B. Neilsen, and R. Jeremy Kenny; "Wind Turbine Noise (joint with AB and ASACOS)", co-chaired by Nancy S. Timmerman and Paul D. Schomer; "The Added Value of Coupling Acoustics with Other Functionality (joint with AA)", chaired by David S. Woolworth; "Outdoor Sound Propagation and Modeling", chaired by Lauren M. Ronsse; "Active Control of Sound and Vibration (joint with SA)", co-chaired by Scott D. Sommerfeldt and Kenneth Cunefare; and “Perception and Measurement of Sound and Equipment”, chaired by Steven D. Pettyjohn. There were fifteen (15) applicants for the Young Presenter Award. Steven D. Pettyjohn served as TPOM representative for the meeting.

The 167th meeting of the ASA was held in Providence, RI, with 69 noise papers in 8 noise-led sessions. The sessions were:  "Decisions on Measurement Procedures (joint with AA and ASACOS)", co-chaired by Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp and Klaus Genuit; "Session in Honor of Kenneth Eldred", chaired by Louis C. Sutherland and Paul D. Schomer; "Session in Honor of Harvey Hubbard", chaired by Louis C. Sutherland and Paul D. Schomer; "Acoustics During Construction (joint with AA)", chaired by Norman H. Philipp and K. Anthony Hoover; "Wind Turbine Noise (joint with ASACOS)", co-chaired by Nancy S. Timmerman, Paul D. Schomer, and Kuangcheng Wu; "Community Noise (joint with ASACOS)", co-chaired by Robert D. Hellweg and Bennett M. Brooks; "Out on a Limb and Other Topics in Noise", chaired by Eric L. Reuter; and “Aircraft and Fan Noise and Analysis”, chaired by Nancy S. Timmerman. There were thirty-five (15) applicants for the Young Presenter Award. Nancy S. Timmerman was the TPOM representative for the meeting.

Thanks to following people who have represented TCNS within the ASA during this time:  Ken Cunefare on the Medals and Awards Committee; Ken Roy, who is ending his service on the Membership Committee; Cameron Fackler, who is ending his service as the Noise representative on the Student Council, Rich Peppin on ASACOS (Committee on Standards), and Paul Schomer, Standards Chair. For the Young Presenter Award, Cole Duke coordinated the San Francisco meeting, while Norman Philipp handled the Providence meeting. The Associate Editors for Noise in JASA are Giovanni Brambilla, Ben S. Cazzolato, Sanford Fidell, Kirill V. Horoshenkov, Raymond M. Kirby, and Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp, Scott D. Sommerfeldt for JASA Express Letters, and Alexandra Loubeau for POMA.

Scott D. Sommerfeldt
Chair, 2012-2015

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Physical Acoustics

Two PATC members were recognized with awards at this well attended meeting: Lawrence A. Crum was awarded the      Gold Medal and Timothy J. Leighton was awarded the Helmholtz-Rayleigh Interdisciplinary Silver Medal in Biomedical Acoustics, Physical Acoustics, and Acoustical Oceanography.

A completely revamped PATC web page was announced at this meeting and can be found at: This effort was overseen by Dr. Albert Migliori (PATC Chair through the 166th Meeting). There will be an effort to keep this site updated so it will be a useful resource to the community. The ASA Students now have a Facebook page which can be found at:

Many special sessions were sponsored or co-sponsored by PA at the Montreal meeting:

a)    1aPAa: Acoustics in Microfluidics and for Particle Separation I: Standing Waves, Streaming, and Radiation Forces
b)    1aPAb: Acoustics in Microfluidics and for Particle Separation IIa: Bubbles and Drops
c)    1aEA: Thermoacoustics I
d)    1pPAa: Acoustics in Microfluidics and for Particle Separation IIb: Bubbles and Drops
e)    1pPAb: Acoustics in Microfluidics and for Particle Separation III: Biological Applications
f)     2aPAa: Nanoacoustics
g)    2aPAb: Atmospheric Acoustics
h)    2aPAc: General Physical Acoustics I
i)     2pPA: Material Characterization
j)     3aPA: Borehole Acoustics Logging for Hydrocarbon Reserv. Characterization I
k)    3pPAa: Borehole Acoustics Logging for Hydrocarbon Reserv. Characterization II
l)     3pPAb: General Physical Acoustics II
m)   4aPA: Nonlinear Acoustics I
n)    4pPAa: Nonlinear Acoustics II
o)    4pPAb: Thermoacoustics II
p)    5aPA: Chemical and Non-Medical Biological Effects of Ultrasound

166th Meeting of the ASA - San Francisco, CA

Special sessions for the San Francisco meeting were:

a)    Advances in Infrasound Research
organized byRoger M. Waxler

b)    Characterization of Aeroacoustic Sources
organized by Kent L. Gee Tracianne B. Neilsen

c)     Phonons and Lattice Dynamics
organized by Joseph R. Gladden Veerle M. Keppens

d)    Acoustics of Pile Driving: Measurements, Models, and Mitigation
organized by Kevin M. Lee Karl-Heinz Elmer

e)     Larry Crum initiated an interesting discussion at the PATC meeting on the relationship between ASA and emerging related fields. ASA membership has remained flat at about 7,000 over about the last decade. It was suggested that young people interested in emerging acoustics related fields host a series of related special sessions and eventually find a home in an existing TC under the ASA umbrella or even start a new TC.

167th Meeting of the ASA  Providence, RI

Josh Gladden (NCPA & Physics, Univ. or Mississippi) was welcomed as the new chair of the PATC and Albert Migliori (LANL) was thanked for his three years of service and leadership. This meeting welcomed a large number of first-time attendees to the PATC.

The ASA Student Council has started a twitter feed which can be followed at @ASAStudents. Also, a call for nominations for the ASA Mentoring award was made. The next award will be made at the Pittsburgh meeting.

Technical initiatives were proposed for supporting the International Symposium on Nonlinear Acoustics and the Winter School on Therapeutic Ultrasound.

Special sessions for the 167th Meeting:

a)  (3aPA) Acoustical Methods and Sensors for Challenging Environments
Organized by: Cristian Pantea, Dipen N. Sinha

b)  (2aPA) Beyond Basic Crystals: Viscoelastic and Piezoelectric Materials
Organized by: Julian D. Maynard, Josh Gladden

c)   (2pPA) Demonstration of Physical Acoustics (Joint with Education in Acoustics)

Organized by: Murray S. Korman

Joseph R. Gladden
Chair, 2014-2017

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Psychological and Physiological Acoustics

The Fall meeting in San Francisco was larger than typical for the P&P Technical Committee. This was primarily due to the one special P&P session: “The Ear Club: Honoring Ervin R. Hafter and His Contributions to the Study of Binaural Processing and Auditory Cognition,” which was organized by Chris Stecker. The P&P committee also cosponsored a session with Animal Bioacoustics: “Neural Mechanisms of Complex Sound Discrimination.”  We thank Sunil Puria for being our representative at the Technical Program Organizing Meeting (TPOM) for the San Francisco meeting. Also of special note, Barb Shinn-Cunningham was awarded the ASA Student Council Mentoring Award! The recent tradition of PIs taking students (and post-docs) out after the Tuesday-night TC meeting continued, with informal discussions and networking occurring at the Mikkeller Bar in Union Square.

The spring meeting in Providence was a particularly exciting and active meeting for P&P. The excellent ASA Short Course on “Recent Technologies for Hearing Assistance” was presented on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning by Birger Kollmeier and Volker Hohmann. During the week, P&P sponsored five special sessions: “Temporal Processing, Compression, and Cochlear Implants: Session in Honor of Sid P. Bacon” (Organized by: Neal Viemeister), “Scientific Catalyst, Collaborator, and Gadfly: Honoring the Contributions of Tino (Constantine) Trahiotis to the Understanding of Binaural Auditory Processing” (Organized by: Les Bernstein, Rich Stern, Steve Colburn), “Diagnostics of the Pathological Middle Ear by Wideband Acoustic Impedance/Reflectance Measures” (Organized by: Jont Allen), “Cambridge Contributions to Auditory Science: The Moore-Patterson Legacy” (Organized by: Andrew Oxenham, Chris Plack, Bob Carlyon, Michael Akeroyd), and “Role of the Medial Olivocochlear Efferents in Auditory Function” (Organized by: Magda Wojtczak, Enrique Lopez-Poveda). Charlie Liberman was invited to give one of the interdisciplinary “Hot Topics” talks. We are grateful to Rich Freyman, Pat Zurek, and Ganesh Swaminathan who served as our representatives at the TPOM for the Providence meeting.

A large number of P&P members were recognized in Providence for their important contributions to our field. Brian Moore was awarded the ASA Gold Medal, “for leadership in research on human hearing and its clinical applications.”  Matt Goupell was awarded the ASA Lindsay Award, “for contributions to the understanding of binaural processes in acoustic and electrical hearing.”  Egbert de Boer received the second annual William and Christine Hartmann Prize in Auditory Neuroscience, and delivered a fascinating Auditory Neuroscience Prize Lecture, “The role of physics in inner-ear physiology and auditory perception.” Finally, Carolina Abdala, Huangpin Dai, and Michael Epstein became Fellows of the Society. In honor of the award winners, Phonak and Advanced Bionics sponsored a fun dinner celebration on Wednesday night that was organized by Ruth Litovsky and Bill Hartmann, and featured music from award winners and a very special performance from Prof. Hartmann himself.

At the well-attended Technical Committee meeting in Providence, reports were given from the current JASA, JASA-EL, and POMA Associate Editors (AEs). We welcome Brenda Lonsbury-Martin as a new (returning) JASA AE, and Hari Patra as the new POMA AE for P&P. The Technical Committee terms of Gin Best, Bob Carlyon, Monita Chatterjee, Torsten Dau, Eric Healy, and Peggy Nelson came to an end, while the 3-year terms of Ian Bruce, Hedwig Gockel, Jennifer Lentz, Lynne Werner, and Pavel Zahorik began. The TC meeting was used as the venue to elect new members to the P&P Technical Committee, and the following new members were elected to begin their terms following the Spring 2015 meeting in Pittsburgh: Michael Epstein, Matt Goupell, Pat Zurek, Sunil Puria, Jungmee Lee, and Ying-Yee Kong. Thanks to Eric Healy for running the election. Following the P&P TC meeting in Providence, our informal discussions and networking between PIs and students took place at Bar Louie.

We thank Bill Hartmann, our representative to the Medals and Awards Committee, Marjorie Leek, our representative to the Membership Committee, Bill Woods, our representative to ASACOS (Standards), and Anna Diedesch, our representative to Student Council. The P&P Technical Initiatives continue unchanged. The initiatives include limited travel support for invited speakers, student receptions, and homepage updating. Suggestions for uses of funds, including innovations such as workshops and satellite meetings, etc., are welcome and should be sent to the new Chair of the P&P Technical Committee, Magdalena Wojtczak (

Michael G. Heinz
Chair, 2011-2014

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Signal Processing in Acoustics

In December 2013 at the ASA San Francisco Meeting, the TCSP organized the first Smartphone Acoustic Signal Processing Student Design Competition chaired by Kevin Cockrell with the goal of attracting younger acousticians to the Acoustical Society of America (ASA). San Francisco, a city within close vicinity to dozens of technology companies that utilize acoustics and signal processing, made the perfect location for the inaugural competition. Kevin Cockrell coordinated judging and evaluations. The competition had an open ended format to allow students to be as creative as possible. Students who entered the competition were instructed to present a poster describing a smartphone “app” that utilizes acoustic signal processing. Creative ideas and development strategies were left up to the students.

The six entries were ambitious and crossed many different disciplines represented by the ASA. The third runner up, an entry by K. J. Bodon and Zachary Jensen from Brigham Young University, was for an app that asks the user to draw out the shape of his or her living room and then suggests optimal speaker placement. The second runner up, an entry submitted by Jorge Herrera and Hyung-Suk Kim from Stanford University, used audible signals to estimate inter-smartphone distances and geometry. The 2013 Smartphone Acoustic Signal Processing Student Competition winner, an entry  submitted by Rene L. Utianski et al. from Arizona State University, aimed to provide a mobile phone app to assess the integrity of speech production for the purposes of providing an augmentative tool for telemedicine. The first, second, and third place teams were awarded $1,000, $500, and $300 respectively.

During the ASA San Francisco Meeting, TCSP organized three special sessions. Lee Culver and Brian Ferguson organized, and chaired the special session Defense Applications of Acoustical Signal Processing. Andrew Pyzdek and Jeffrey Ballard organized and chaired the special session Alternative Array Spacing and Time Sampling Techniques’, and Brian Anderson organized and chaired the special session ‘Time Reversal for Localization and Focusing of Sound’. We thank our Technical Program Organizing Meeting (TPOM) representatives for San Francisco Meeting, Dave Chambers and Jeffrey Ballard. Our thanks also go to Douglas Abraham who taught aShort Course on ‘Array Signal Processing for Sonar’ and to Leon Cohen & Patrick Loughlin who delivered a Tutorial Lecture on ‘Time-Frequency Analysis: Theory and Applications’. The tutorial lecture was very well attended by over 200 audience members.

Brian Anderson organized and coordinated the evaluation of2013 Gallery of Acoustics, the winner is Anupam Gupta, Dane Webster, and Rolf Muller from Virginia Tech with their entry “Horseshoe Bat Noseleaf as Smart Emission Baffle Structure”. The winning team was awarded $500.

Jonathan Odom at Duke University and Daniel Plotnick from Washington State University shared the Best Young Presenter Paper in Signal Processing for their papers entitled "Near-field beamforming with augmentable non-uniform arrays for far field interference suppression" and "Fast near field to far field conversion for circular synthetic aperture sonar", respectively. Paul Gendron coordinated judging and evaluations of the Young Presenter competition at that meeting.

Gopu R. Potty and Natalia A. Sidorovskaia were elected Fellows of the ASA and received fellow certificates during the Plenary Session on Wednesday afternoon. During the Plenary Session, Juliette Ioup was awarded the Rossing Prize in Acoustics Education, she delivered the Acoustics Education Prize Lecture titled “Time-frequency analysis for acoustics education and for listening to whales in the Gulf of Mexico” earlier in the meeting.

At the Providence Meeting, the TCSP organized four special sessions.

James Lynch and Edmund Sullivan organized and chaired a special session “In Honor of William M Carey”. Eric Dieckman and Ning Xiang organized and chaired a special session on “Intelligent Feature Selection Methods for Machine Learning Problems in Acoustics”. Kaimam T. Wong and Mingsian Bai organized a special session on “Sensor Array Signal Processing” chaired by Jung-Woo Choi and Mingsian Bai. Cameron Fackler and Ning Xiang organized and chaired the special session on ‘Sampling Methods for Bayesian Analysis and Inversions in Acoustic Applications’.

The weekend before the ASA Providence Meeting, Grace Clark presented a lecture at ASA School 2014. On Monday, May 5th, Lee Culver gave an “Overview of Signal Processing in Acoustics” at the special session organized by the Student Council title “Introduction to Technical Committee Research and Activities”.

Valerie Vinciullo from Appl. Physical Science Corp has been awarded the first prize for her presentation titled “Improved modal dispersion estimation using vertical array beamforming”. Paul Gendron coordinated judging and evaluations of the Young Presenter Competitions at the Providence meeting.

We thank our Technical Program Organizing Meeting (TPOM) representative John Buck. Brian Ferguson received the ASA 25 Year Award. John Buck was elected ASA fellow, and received a Fellow certificate at the Plenary Session on Wednesday, May 7th 2014.

We give a special thanks to Sean Fulop, who has served as an Associate Editor for the Signal Processing in Acoustics of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America for many years. He retired from the position in June 2014 and Karim G. Sabra has been appointed an Associate Editor for Signal Processing in Acoustics of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. Thanks are also extended to Zoi-Heleni Michalopoulou and Patrick Loughlin for their continued service as the signal processing Associate Editors of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, to David Chambers and Charles Gaumond, signal processing Associate Editors forJASA Express Letters, and Sean K. Lehman, signal processing Associate Editor for Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics, for selfless service to the Society and TCSP.

Ed Sullivan serves as the TCSP representative to the Medals and Awards committee. Charles Gaumond serves on the ASA Standards committee. James Preisig serves as the TCSP Membership representative. The TCSP website has been maintained by Brian Anderson, who also organized and managed the Gallery of Acoustics.

Paul Gendron has been responsible for the TCSP Student Challenge Problem and the Young Presenter Competition. Special thanks go to Paul Gendron for many years of his service as the Young Presenter Competition Organizer who will be retired from that position. Philippe Moquin has been appointed as the Young Presenter Competition Organizer, starting at the ASA Indianapolis meeting. Thanks to Blaine Harker (BYU) for serving as the TCSP student representative on the Student Council.

Finally, thanks to Blaine who serves as a secretary of our technical committee.

Ning Xiang
Chair, 2012-2015

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Speech Communication

The Speech Technical Committee (SCTC) supports activities including meetings, publications, etc.. This report covers the ASA meetings in San Francisco, CA and Providence, RI as well as activities that occurred in Summer 2014 after the end of the Providence RI meeting.

The current members of the TC are: Peter Assmann, Frederika Bell-Berti, Tessa C. Bent, Suzanne E. Boyce, Charles B. Chang, Sarah Ferguson, Alexander Francis, Bruce R. Gerratt, Helen M. Hanson, Eric J. Hunter, Diane Kewley-Port, Jody Kreiman, Jelena Krivokapic, Sungbok  Lee, Conor T. McLennan, Geoffrey S. Morrison, Benjamin Munson, Shrikanth S. Narayanan, Peggy Nelson, Sona Patel, Noah Silbert, Rajka Smiljanic, Mitchell S. Sommers, Brad H. Story, Christine H. Shadle, Christian E. Stilp, Maureen L. Stone, Rachel Theodore, Scott L. Thomson, Emily Q. Wang, Peter J. Watson, Zhaoyan Zhang, Xinhui Zhou. 

Many of these members are new to the TC. I welcome them heartily and thank them in advance for their support of our TC's efforts.

Other SCTC members who assisted us by serving on committees were Suzanne E. Boyce-Membership Committee, Anders Lofqvist-Medals and Awards Committee, Rachel Gilbert-Student Council Representative, and Brad Story who maintains our web page. I also thank Rachel Theodore for taking detailed minutes at the San Francisco and Providence meetings.

I, Catherine Rogers (University of South Florida), will serve as the chair of SC through mid-2016. I thank Benjamin Munson for his assistance thus far.

Associate Editors of JASA are: Speech Perception- Deniz Baskent, Cynthia G. Clopper, Benjamin Munson, Peggy B. Nelson; Speech Production -David Berry, Laura L. Koenig Christine Shadle,  Brad H. Story, and Zhaoyan Zhang; Speech Processing-Carol Y. Espy-Wilson, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson and Shrikanth Narayanan. Associate Editors for JASA Express Letters are: Speech Perception- Ann Cutler and Sandra Gordon-Salant; Speech Production-Anders Lofqvist, and Speech Processing-Douglas D. O’Shaughnessy. The Associate Editor for Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics (POMA) is Peter Watson. A number of these individuals retired as of June 30, 2014. We thank them for their service.

The two ASA meetings went very smoothly this year because of the particular efforts of several members. First, we are grateful to our Technical Program Organizing Meeting (TPOM) representatives, who sorted papers, arranged the technical programs, and determined presentation rooms. They were Keith Johnson and Marc Ettlinger for the San Francisco meeting and Rachel Theodore and Mark Tiede, for the Providence meeting. At Providence, it was decided to move towards an online organizing meeting, and Alexander Francis has tentatively agreed to serve in that capacity for the next two years.  He will also serve as the traditional TPOM representative (along with Diane Kewley-Port) for the Indianapolis meeting.

To create stimulating and focused sessions, we sponsor special sessions every year, which focus on themes of interest to the speech community. The Providence meeting had one special session on topics related to the both speech perception and speech production.

Stetson Scholarship. The SCTC also evaluates the Stetson Scholarship applications. The committee recommended Donald Danielson of the University of British Columbia and Patrick Reidy of the Ohio State University for the two available scholarships. Rory Turnbull of Ohio State University was named for honorable mention recognition.

Student Activities In our continuing effort to promote student participation in ASA meetings, the Speech Technical Committee sponsored two student activities at each meeting, a competition with a cash award for best student presentation and evening receptions in San Francisco and Providence. In San Francisco, the winner was Stephanie Del Tufo ($300), the second prize went to Rory Turnbull ($200), and honorable mention went to Dominique Bouavichith. In Providence, the winner was Zhen Qin ($300) and the second prize was Rene Utianski ($200) and honorable mention went to Page Piccini. The student reception, which is held jointly with other technical committees, is intended to allow students to meet more senior ASA members informally. The receptions were well attended.

The student papers were judged by SCTC members and the winners were awarded $300 for first prize and $200 for second prize. The competitions were large at both the San Francisco and Providence meeting. We thank Rachel Theodore, Noah Silbert and Christian Stilp for coordinating this competition.

Revision to Student Paper competition. During the TC Open Meeting at the Providence meeting, a motion was made by the coordinator of the Competition (Christian Stilp) to change the competition to a poster only (rather than poster and oral paper presentation) competition. The feelings of Dr. Stilp and the two previous and current co-coordinators was that it was nearly impossible to compare poster and oral paper evaluations in a fair and impartial way. Very few contributed papers are selected for oral presentation in the SCTC. The imbalance in numbers of the two types of presentation was presented as adding to the difficulty in comparison. Thus, the committee supported the motion to change to a student poster competition (rather than paper competition) on a trial basis, beginning with the Pittsburgh meeting. The wording will be altered accordingly in the call for papers.

Catherine L. Rogers
Chair, 2013-2016

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Structural Acoustics and Vibration

The Structural Acoustics and Vibration Technical Committee (SAVTC) had a successful  year of special sessions sponsored by the committee and Student and Young Presenter competitions at all of the meetings. 

166th ASA Meeting, San Francisco, California

At the 166th ASA meeting in San Francisco, California, SAVTC sponsored six special sessions with a total of 45 papers presented (25 invited, 20 contributed).

  • Vibration from Aeroacoustic Loads, Micah Shepherd, Matthew Shaw
  • Computational Structural Acoustics, Jerry Rouse, Timothy Walsh
    • Groundborne/Structureborne Noise and Vibration from Transportation, James Nelson
    • Structural Health Monitoring I & II, Tribikram Kundu
    • Human Induced Vibration in Buildings, Benjamin Shafer
    • Structural and Acoustic Response Due to Impulsive Excitation, Marcel Remillieux

SAVTC also cosponsored the following sessions:

  • Composite Plates, with Engineering Acoustics
  • Acoustics of Pile Driving: Measurements, Models, and Mitigation I & II with Physical Acoustics
  • Phonic Crystals and Metamaterials with Physical Acoustics
  • Time Reversal for Localization and Focusing of Sound with Signal Processing in Acoustics, Underwater Acoustics, and Animal Bioacoustics
  • Launch Vehicle Acoustics with Noise and Physical Acoustics
  • Defense Applications of Acoustical Signal Processing with Signal Processing in Acoustics, Underwater Acoustics, and Animal Bioacoustics
  • Jet and Other Aeroacoustic Noise Source Characterization I & II with Physical Acoustics, Noise, and Engineering Acoustics
  • Acoustics of Percussion Instruments I & II with Musical Acoustics
  • Active Control of Sound and Vibration with Noise
  • Computational Methods in Musical Acoustics I & II with Musical Acoustics

The TPOM representative was Benjamin Shafer and the winners of the Best Student and Young Presenter competition, coordinated by Ben Shafer, were:  first place, Aldo Glean (Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.), and second place, Matthew Kamrath (PSU).

Two committee members were presented their Fellow of ASA Certificates at the Annual Meeting: Robert Koch and Tribikram Kundu

James Phillips was the General Chair of the 166th ASA Meeting.

167th ASA Meeting, Providence, Rhode Island

At the 167th ASA meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, SAVTC sponsored six special sessions and one session of contributed papers with a total of 74 papers presented (45 invited, 29 contributed).

  • Undersea Vehicle Noise, Robert Koch and Nickolas Vlahopoulos
  • Acoustic Metamaterials I & II, Christina Naify and Michael Haberman
  • Session in Honor of Murray Strasberg, David Feit and Dean Capone
  • Environmental Vibration, Calum Sharp and James Phillips
  • Acoustics of Sports, Matthew Shaw and Donald Bliss
  • Acoustics of Cylindrical Shells I & II, Sabih Hayek and Robert Koch
  • Recent Advances in Structural Acoustics and Vibrations (contributed papers), Robert Koch and Michal Jandron

SAVTC also cosponsored the following session:

  • Wind Turbine Noise with Noise and ASA Committee on Standards

The TPOM representative was Robert Koch.  SAVTC had 19 papers entered in the Best Student and Young Presenter competition at the 167th ASA Meeting (a record by far for the committee).  Ben Shafer coordinated the competition and the winners were:  first place, Aldo Glean (Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.), and second place, Andrew Wixom (Boston University).

 James Phillips presented “Introduction to the Structural Acoustics and Vibration Technical Committee” in the interdisciplinary special session “Introduction to Technical Committee Research and Activities: Especially for Students and First-Time Meeting Attendees.”

ASA has started an initiative to conduct the Technical Program Organization Meeting (TPOM) on-line rather than on-site.  The first on-line TPOM will be conducted for the 169th ASA Meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Spring 2015) with an on-site TPOM as backup.  If all goes well, subsequent TPOMs will be conducted on-line only.  Robert Koch was elected to be the on-line Technical Program Organizer (TPO) for SAVTC for the next two years.

A Technical Initiative in the amount of $1000 was proposed and approved by the Technical Council to offset shipping costs for demonstration equipment for a special session of hands-on demonstrations of structural acoustics and vibration at the 169th ASA Meeting in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (Spring 2015).

James E. Phillips
Chair, 2012 – 2015

Structural Acoustics and Vibration Website

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Underwater Acoustics

As a joint ASA/ICA meeting, the Montreal meeting was noted for its multiple successful special sessions. While traditional topics such as seabed acoustics continued to draw large number of attendees, diverse subjects on computation, signal processing and new engineering techniques, co-sponsored with other TCs, were a standout feature for this meeting.

The Fall meeting held in San Francisco featured multiple special sessions, as well as a well-attended posters session, which is a relatively rare event for UWTC. The response for the poster session is generally positive according to survey conducted among the members who attended the meeting.

At the Spring Providence meeting, the Medals and Awards representative for the UWTC changed from John Perkins to Charles Holland, who will serve the next three years. The UWTC found the ASA School 2014 a success.

The general concern from the members in the past year is that while membership of the UWTC is steady, the average age of members is steadily getting older. It is the consensus that promoting education and recruiting young researchers are of great importance for the health of the committee.

Dajun Tang
Chair, 2012-2015

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