2017 Annual Reports

Technical Committees represent thirteen different areas of acoustics in the Society. Appointments to the Technical Committees take place in January. Members who are interested in being appointed to a technical committee should send a message to asa@acousticalsociety.org.

Acoustical Oceanography (AO)
Animal Bioacoustics (AB)
Architectural Acoustics (AA)
Musical Acoustics (MU)
Noise (NS)
Physical Acoustics (PA)
Psychological and Physiological Acoustics (PP)
Signal Processing in Acoustics (SP)
Speech Communication (SC)
Structural Acoustics and Vibration (SA)
Underwater Acoustics (UW)

Acoustical Oceanography

This annual report reviews activities of the Technical Committee on Acoustical Oceanography (TCAO) from the 172nd and 173rd meetings of Acoustical Society of America (ASA) in Honolulu, Hawaii, held jointly with the Acoustical Society of Japan and in Boston, Massachusetts, held jointly with the European Acoustics Association. These were extremely event filled meetings for the AOTC as we enjoy strong collaborations with our Pacific-rim and trans-Atlantic colleagues.

The year was particularly meaningful for the AOTC as we celebrated our 25th anniversary with a special session at the Honolulu meeting. The audience enjoyed invited talks from our TC founders, Michael Buckingham and David Farmer, ASA honorary fellow Walter Munk, and field luminaries Peter Worcester, James Lynch, Tim Stanton, Aaron Thode, Grant Deane, Martin Siderius, Ross Chapman, and Darrell Jackson. The 25th anniversary spirit continued at the Honolulu meeting with special sessions in two strong AO subject areas: Ocean Acoustic Tomography and Acoustic Scattering by Aquatic Organisms.

The high energy from the Honolulu meeting carried over to Boston which was co-hosted with the European Acoustics Association. In Boston we paid tribute to our colleague David Farmer whose remarkable career in theory, experimentation and engineering has touched if not created nearly every discipline of acoustical oceanography. Much to the delight of David, talks from students and colleagues addressed contributions to our understanding of turbulence, internal waves, mesoscale and submesoscale processes, air-sea interaction, Langmuir circulation, bubble acoustics, zooplankton, fish and marine mammal acoustics, sediment transport, and geoacoustics. Other successful special sessions in Boston included, Acoustic Measurements of Sediment Transport and Near-Bottom Structures, Acoustics and Acoustic Ecology of Benthic Communities, and Tools and Methods of Ocean Mapping.

Over the year there were also several awards. At the Honolulu meeting the AOTC was pleased to award the 2016 Medwin Prize to Tom Weber of the University of New Hampshire (UNH) where the citation reads “In recognition of his work on the development and use of acoustic techniques for understanding and quantifying gas bubbles in the ocean’’. Dr. Weber delivered the Acoustical Oceanography Prize Lecture at the Honolulu meeting entitled ``Acoustic observations and characterization of oceanic methane gas bubbles rising from the seabed’’. At the Boston meeting it was our pleasure to award the 2017 Medwin Prize to Jennifer Miksis-Olds also of UNH. The citation reads “For the development of novel ocean acoustic field techniques and analyses for understanding marine life and ecosystems.” Dr. Miksis-Olds delivered the Acoustical Oceanography Prize Lecture entitled “Exploring ocean ecosystems and dynamics throughsound.”
There were also five exceptional student papers that were recognized at the two meetings. At the Honolulu meeting the first place paper was presented by Matthew Zeh of the University of Texas at Austin entitled `` Acoustic scattering by tube-building worms (Polychaeta: Maldanidae) of the New England Mud Patch’’ and in Boston the first place paper was given by Jenna Hare of Dalhousie University entitled ``Sound speed and attenuation in water-saturated granular materials at MHz frequencies’’. Second place and equal second papers at these meetings were given to Kai-Fu Chang (National Taiwan University), Elizabeth Brown (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) and Genevieve Flaspohler (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution). It was a pleasure to see so many superb student papers at these two meetings.

I want to thank everyone in the TC for all the wonderful work they did for us and the society and we look forward to a productive and exciting year ahead.

John A. Colosi
Chair, 2016-2019

Animal Bioacoustics

It has been a very busy year for TC AB, with two joint meetings: Hawaii, November/December 2016, joint with the Acoustical Society of Japan; and Boston, June 2017, joint with the European Acoustics Association.

In Hawaii, we had special sessions on The Anthropogenic Transient Noise Sound Field and Its Effects on Animal Communication; Bat Echolocation: New insights on biosonar production, processing, and performance from field and laboratory investigations; Behavioral Response Studies; Sequence Information in Mammalian Vocal Call Production; Tropical Bioacoustics; Marine Acoustic Ecology; Diversity of Bioacoustic Signals; and on Animal Bioacoustics Technology. There were many abstract submissions and not everyone wanted, or could be accommodated with, an oral time slot; in lieu, we had a very successful poster session. We cohosted a session with TC Acoustical Oceanography on Acoustic Scattering by Aquatic Organisms. Last but not least, we honored ASA Silver and Gold Medalist Whitlow Au with a session in his name in Hawaii. Many of Whit’s former students attended and presented, and there were several very emotional moments. As a senior member of the audience commented to me, they had never witnessed such an outpouring of gratitude, affection and love at any conference before.

We had 49 entries for TC AB student presentation awards. The oral presentation award went to Jillian Sills, “Predicting masking by impulsive noise sources: An experimental evaluation”. The poster presentation award was won by Takuji Kawagishi, “Monitoring of swine sneezing using time-frequency analysis for detecting diseases.”
In Boston, we had special sessions on Biosonar; Comparative Behavior Studies; Incorporating Underwater Acoustics Research into the Decision Making Process; Data Management, Detection, Classification, and Localization; and Ecosystem Acoustics. Again, we had a large and successful poster session. Similar to Hawaii, we held named sessions to honor Robert Dooling as well as Arthur Popper and Anthony Hawkins with many of their students and peers attending and presenting. Together, these technical and touching sessions give testament to the pioneering research of all of these fine bioacousticians, their mentorship and far-reaching impacts.

We had 38 entries for TC AB student presentation awards. Laurel Screven won the oral presentation competition with her presentation on “Social experience influences ultrasonic vocalization perception in laboratory mice”. Kristen Kanes, “Automated classification of Pacific white-sided dolphin (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens) pulsed calls for diel pattern assessment”, and Mark Saddler, “Characterizing Chilean blue whale vocalizations with digital acoustic recording tags: a test of using tag accelerometers for caller identification”, tied for best poster.

A heartfelt thank-you to both Ben Taft and Aaron Thode, our Technical Program Organizers, for what must have been Herculean tasks given the sheer amount of presentations that had to be organized into integer-multiples of half-day sessions, with minimal overlap, and without speaker conflict, in nearby rooms, that were neither too small nor too large, etc.

Special sessions suggested for future ASA meetings can be found on the TC AB website.

In terms of TC AB Technical initiatives for the year 2017, the ASA generously supported the Animal Acoustic Communication conference in Omaha, Nebraska, July 2017.

TC AB is actively involved in the development of acoustic standards. We currently have working groups on the Effects of Sound on Fish and Turtles; Towed Array Passive Acoustic Operations for Bioacoustic Applications; Description and Measurement of the Ambient Sound in Parks, Wilderness Areas, and Other Quiet and/or Pristine Areas; Noise and Vibration in Animal Laboratory Facilities; Auditory Evoked Potential Testing of Toothed Whale Hearing; and Acoustic Metadata for Passive Acoustic Monitoring. Anybody interested in participating, please contact TC AB.

Last but not least, JASA is looking for additional Associate Editors in AB.

Thank you to all the members of TC AB for your support and involvement in the various activities of the ASA.

Christine Erbe
Chair, 2015-2018

Architectural Acoustics

The Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics is active and healthy, with strong engagement at ASA national and regional meetings throughout the year.

TCAA thanks Ken Good and Erica Ryherd for their excellent leadership as committee Chair and Secretary during the 2013-2016 term. Elections were held at the Salt Lake City meeting, and the committee elected Erica Ryherd to the position of Chair. Eric Reuter was appointed Secretary. For personal reasons, Erica resigned in November, and Eric Reuter was appointed Chair by ASA President, Mike Stinson, to serve the remainder of Erica’s term. Eric appointed Ana Jaramillo to the position of Secretary during the Honolulu meeting. Eric and Ana will serve until the spring of 2019.

We also thank Jay Bliefnik for his hard work as our rep to the Student Council. Jay was succeeded by Matthew Neal following the Boston meeting.


Honolulu – TCAA sponsored 11 special sessions with 87 papers presented. Our open committee meeting was held on Tuesday, December 29, 2016 with approximately 90 in attendance.

Boston – TCAA sponsored 34 special sessions with 229 papers presented. Our open committee meeting was held on Monday, June 26, 2017 with approximately 100 in attendance.

Student Paper Awards
At each meeting, TCAA awards prizes for the best student papers. We congratulate the following winners from 2016:

Salt Lake City:
1st Place: Michael Denison, “A method to evaluate nonideal effects of anechoic chambers on multiple angle measurements"
2nd Place: David Dick, Penn State University "Relating listener envelopment to specific time segments in early and late portions of sound fields"

1st Place: Matthew Neal, Penn State University, “Design of a compact spherical loudspeaker array for simulating accurate instrument directivities for concert hall measurement and auralization”
2nd Place: Peter Moriarty, Penn State University, “Low frequency analysis of acoustical parameters of emotional speech for use with functional magnetic resonance imaging”

American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System

TCAA continues to be a Registered Provider in the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education System (CES). The committee has developed a standardized introductory short course for architects, called “Architectural Acoustics”. An architect can earn one continuing education unit (CEU) by attending this short course if it is presented by a qualified member of TCAA. The course covers topics in sound isolation, mechanical system noise control, and finish treatments. The qualifications to be an authorized presenter are: 1) Current ASA member in good standing, 2) Current TCAA member in good standing 3) Has attended the AIA/CES short course, organized and offered periodically at ASA conventions.

Concert Hall Research Group

CHRG announced at the Boston meeting that they will be holding a symposium, August 12-15 2018, in Troy, NY, focusing on the EMPAC building at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Eric Reuter
Chair, 2016-2019

Musical Acoustics

During 2016-2017 the Technical Committee on Musical Acoustics (TCMU) was chaired by Andrew Morrison. The representatives to the Society committees were: James P. Cottingham, Medals and Awards; Andrew Morrison, ASA Committee on Standards and the Publication Policy Committee; James Beauchamp, Membership; and Martin Lawless, Student Council. Associate editors of the society publications for the area of musical acoustics were Thomas Moore, Andrew Morrison and Joe Wolf (JASA); D. Murray Campbell (JASA Express Letters); and Randy Worland (POMA). The Technical Program Organizing Committee (TPOM) representatives for the two meetings of the ASA were Andrew Morrison (Honolulu and Boston), Whitney Coyle (Boston) and Péter Rucz (Boston) Whitney Coyle and Péter Rucz will be sharing the TPO duties going forward. Those appointed or reappointed as TCMU members during the year were: James W. Beauchamp, George A. Bissinger, Annabel J. Cohen, James P. Cottingham, Diana Deutsch, Jack Dostal, Uwe J. Hansen, Peter L. Hoekje, Robert W. Pyle, Gary P. Scavone Seiji Adachi, Péter Rucz, Bobby Gibbs, Thomas Moore, and Steven Tufte.

At the 172nd meeting of the ASA (joint with the Acoustical Society of Japan) in Honolulu, Nov 28, 2016 to Dec 02, 2016, the TCMU sponsored eight special sessions and one general session. The eight special sessions and their chairs were:
• Music and Sound in Multimedia – Shin-ichiro Iwamiya and Jonas Braasch
• Special Presentation of the History, Culture, Practice, and Performance of Hawai'ian Music – Andrew Morrison
• Computational Methods of Simulation for Musical Acoustics – Nicholas Giordano and Seiji Adachi
• Music Signal Processing – James Beauchamp and Masataka Goto
• East and Western Instruments: Contrasts and Connections – Jim Cottingham and Toru Kamekawa
• Flute Acoustics Including All "Air-Jet" Instruments – Naoto Wakatsuki and Nick Giordano
• Piano Acoustics and Playing Piano – Isoharu Nishiguchi and Nick Giordano
• Musical Instruments from Islands Around the World – Peter Hoekje

TCMU also sponsored two performances featuring Hawaiian music and dance traditions: Musical Acoustics: Special Presentation of the History, Culture, Practice, and Performance of Hawai’ian Music by an ensemble led by Aaran Sala from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and Musical Acoustics: Musical Instruments from Islands around the World II—A Concert performed by a group from the Bishop Museum led by Marques Marzan. The performances were well attended by ASA members from many different technical committees.

Winners of the award for best student papers were: Peter Rucz – Budapest University of Technology, Thomas Kirk – St. Olaf College, and Iwagami Sho – Kyushu Institute of Technology

At the 173rd ASA meeting in Boston, June 25-29, 2017, the TCMU sponsored two general and five special sessions. The special sessions were and their chairs were:
• Concert Hall Acoustics session – Jonas Braasch and David Griesinger
• Special session in honor of Tom Rossing – Murray Campbell, Dan Russell and Andrew Morrison
• Special session in memory of David Wessel – Bill Hartmann and Andrew Morrison
• Electronically-augmented instruments - Andrew Morrison (organized by Edgar Berdahl and Adrien Mamou-Mani)
• Musical instrument performance, perception and psychophysics – Thomas Moore and Peter Rucz (organized by Claudia Fritz and Edgar Berdahl)
Eric Rokni, Kurijn Buys, and Timothy Wofford won the awards for Best Student Papers.

James Cottingham continues to maintain an excellent website for TCMU, which can be accessed at http://tcmuasa.org/. It includes links to future meetings, minutes of previous TCMU meetings, annual reports, student paper award winners, and useful links to teaching websites and musical acousticians.

Andrew Morrison
Chair, 2014-2020

The Technical Committee on Noise (TCNS) has continued to be active in 2015-2016. Kirill V. Horoshenkov was elected an ASA fellow this year. Three Young Investigator Awards were given for the Honolulu meeting to Shodai Sagara, Linh Nguyen and Anna Sorenson and the Young Investigator Awards for the Boston meeting were given to Trevor Stout, Matthew Kamrath, and Cameron Fackler.

This year was highlighted by the second year of the Leo and Gabriela Beranek Scholarship in Architectural Acoustics and Noise Control. The Beranek's have endowed the scholarship to provide for awards over the course of the next ten years to an outstanding candidate in Architectural Acoustics and/or Noise Control. William Murphy (Chair TCN), Eric Reuter (Chair TCAA), Damian Doria, and Tony Hoover worked with Carl Rosenberg (representative for Gabriela Beranek) to review the candidates. Matthew Neal was selected as the recipient of the 2017 Beranek Scholarship. Sadly, Leo Beranek passed away on October 10, 2016.

As well, this year marked the inaugural of the Virginia and Frank and Virginia Winker Memorial Scholarship for Graduate Study in Acoustics. Christopher Struck, ASA Standards Director, in collaboration with William Murphy, Ken Walsh, and Eric Reuter developed the application procedures and forms for the scholarship. Christopher Struck, Ken Walsh, Eric Reuter and Ken Cunefare reviewed the applicants for 2017. Curtis Wiederhold was selected as the recipient of the 2017 Winker Scholarship.

The 172nd meeting of the ASA and 5th joint meeting with the Acoustical Society of Japan was held in Honolulu HI and 115 noise papers in 11 sessions. James Phillips and William Murphy served as the TPOM representatives for the Honolulu meeting. The 173rd meeting of the ASA and 3rd joint meeting with European Acoustics Association was held in Boston, MA. At this meeting, 173 papers were submitted and presented in 18 noise-led sessions. For the Boston Meeting, James Phillips and William Murphy were the ASA representatives and Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp and Jiang Kang were the EAA TPOM representatives.

Thanks to following people who have represented TCNS within the ASA during this time: Ken Cunefare and Kirill Horoshenko on the Medals and Awards Committee, Alex Case on the Membership Committee, John Weber on Student Council, Rich Peppin on ASACOS (Committee on Standards), and Christopher Struck, Standards Chair. For the Young Investigator Award, William Murphy coordinated both the Honolulu and Boston meeting and was assisted by Bonnie Schnitta, Traci Nielsen and David Woolworth. The JASA Associate Editors for Noise are Giovanni Brambilla, Ben Cazzolato, Sanford Fidell, Kirill Horoshenkov, Ray Kirby, Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp. The JASA Express Letters Associate Editor for Noise is Eddie Lau. The Editor for the Proceedings of Meetings in Acoustics is Kent Gee with Alan Wall and Alexandra Lobeau serving as associate editors.

William J. Murphy
Chair, 2015-2018

Physical Acoustics

Special Sessions for the 172nd meeting included:
Thermoacoustics Chair(s): Michael Haberman
Advances in Hazards Monitoring with Distributed Infrasound Sensor Networks Cochair(s): Milton Garces (University of Hawaii, Manoa) and Takahiko Murayama (Japan Weather Association)
Acoustics of Supersonic Jets: Launch Vehicle and Military Jet Acoustics I Cochair(s): Seiji Tsutsumi (JAXA), Kent Gee (Brigham Young University) and Janice Houston (Jacobs ESTS Group)
Acoustic Micro- and Nanofluidics I (Cosponsor: BA) Cochair(s): James Friend (University of California, San Diego), Tony Jun Huang (Duke University) and Daisuke Koyama (Doshisha University)
Solid State Acoustics Cochair(s): Josh Gladden (University of Mississippi) and Hirotsugu Ogi (Osaka University)
Nonclassical Nonlinear Acoustics of Solids Cochair(s): Lev Ostrovsky (NOAA ESRL), Paul Johnson (LANL) and Yoshikazu Ohara (Tohoku University)
Ultrasonics and Non-Destructive Testing Chair(s): Jinying Zhu (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Radiation Force and Nonlinear Acoustics Chair(s): Kyle Spratt (The University of Texas at Austin)

The live streaming project expanded to 29 sessions. None, however for PATC. Session organizers need to be proactive about requesting streaming of their sessions.

The Physical Acoustics Summer School for 2016 was held in Daniels Summit, UT. 24 students attended from 16 universities which represents the widest set of schools involved.

The Winter School on Therapeutic Ultrasound was announced and promoted by PATC.

173rd Meeting of the ASA in Boston, MA (joint with EAA)

PATC Special Sessions for the 173rd meeting included:
Acoustofluidics; Max Dennis, Charles Thompson, Jürg Dual
Chains, Grains, and Origami; Jay Maynard, Vincent Tournat
Eco-acoustics: Acoustic Applications for Green Technologies and Environmental Impact Measurements; JohnPaul Abbott
Infrasound; Roger Waxler, Läslo G. Evers
Outdoor Sound Propagation; Sandra Collier, Philippe Blanc-Benon
Propagation in Inhomogeneous Media; Valerie Pinfield, Olga Umnova
Session in Honor of Edwin Carstensen; David Blackstock, Gail ter Haar

Veerle Keppens, University of Tennessee, Knoxville was announced as the incoming PATC chair to great applause.

The 2017 International Congress on Ultrasonics was announced and promoted.

Technical Initiative requests for PASS 2018 ($30,000) and the International Symposium for Non-linear Acoustics ($5,000) was approved by vote.

Josh Gladden,
Chair, 2014-2017

Psychological and Physiological Acoustics

The P&P held five special sessions during the fall meeting in Honolulu and the meeting was attended by a relatively large number of P&P TC members. The special sessions were co-organized with the Japanese colleagues and collaborators. The meeting received very positive comments and P&P members praised both the venue and the organization of the meeting. Christopher Brown was the P&P TPO for the meeting.

Our members continued their significant involvement in the Acoustical Society. Andrew Oxenham is a member of the Executive Council, Brenda Lonsbury-Martin is the Chair of the Medals and Awards Committee, Judy Dubno is the P&P representative to the Medals and Awards Committee, Marjorie Leek was appointed the Chair of the Membership Committee replacing Lynn Werner, Elizabeth Strickland was appointed as the P&P representative to the Membership Committee replacing Marjorie Leek, Skyler Jennings is the P&P representative to the Committee on Standards, and Kelly Whiteford is the P&P representative to the Student Council. Adrian K.C. Lee is the Coordinating Editor for the P&P section of JASA.

The spring meeting in Boston was very well attended by the P&P members. P&P worked closely with its European counterparts to organize special sessions for the meeting. There were fourteen podium sessions and three poster sessions. This number included a session to honor the contributions of Louis Braida to the field of Psychological and Physiological Acoustics, and a session to celebrate the life, mentorship, and contributions of Nat Durlach.

Many of the sessions were live-streamed so those who could not join us in Boston could participate remotely and those who missed talks due to multiple session overlap could watch the sessions they missed at other times, an opportunity that was greatly appreciated. P&P TC members made many positive comments about the Boston meeting but there were complaints about the large number of sessions that resulted in a necessary overlap. TPOs for the meeting were Magdalena Wojtczak (ASA) and Armin Kohlrausch (EAA).

In addition to special sessions, P&P TC members attended the Auditory Prize Lecture by Cynthia Moss, who was this year’s recipient of the William and Christine Hartmann Prize in Auditory Neuroscience. Cynthia gave a fascinating and highly praised lecture entitled, “Active listening in 3D auditory scene”.

In Boston, the P&P also proudly celebrated the recipients of two major ASA Awards. Bill Hartmann received the ASA Gold Medal for his scientific contributions and unwavering support and long service to the Acoustical Society. Blake Wilson received the ASA Helmholtz-Rayleigh Interdisciplinary Silver Medal in Psychological and Physiological Acoustics, Speech Communication, and Signal Processing in Acoustics.

Two P&P TC members were elected ASA Fellows in the past year, Joshua Bernstein and Blake Wilson.

The Technical Committee in Boston was moderately well attended. We extended an invitation to attend our meeting to the EAA P&P TC since they do not hold regular meetings at their conferences but would like to follow the more structured ASA format.

During the TC meeting, Adrian K.C. Lee presented a report on newly implemented improvements in the process involved in handing of manuscripts submitted to JASA. He also reported on each P&P AE workload, and on the acceptance vs. rejection rates.

At the TC meeting in Boston, we thanked the following members for their three-year service on the P&P Technical Committee: Ian Bruce, Hedwig Gockel, Jennifer Lentz, Lynne Werner, and Pavel Zahorik. The following TC members started their term at the meeting in Boston: Joshua Bernstein, Emily Buss, Hari Bharadwaj, Monita Chatterjee, Ross Maddox, Christopher Shera, and Christian Stilp. We also held our annual elections to select new members of the P&P Technical Committee whose term will begin at the meeting in Minneapolis (spring, 2018). The following members were elected: Michael Akeroyd, Anna Diedesch, Richard Freyman, Antje Ihlefeld, Alan Kan, and Elin Roverud. Many thanks to graduate students from the Auditory Perception and Cognition Lab at the University of Minnesota, Jordan Beim, Jackson Graves, and Kelly Whiteford, for swiftly counting the ballots during the TC meeting.

My term as the Chair of the P&P TC ended at this meeting and Erick Gallun was introduced as the new P&P TC Chair.

We thank Christopher Brown for serving as our representative at the remotely-held Technical Program Organizing Meeting (TPOM) for the past two years. We also thank Erica Hegland for maintaining and updating the P&P webpage on the ASA website.

The P&P Technical Committee will continue traditional Technical Initiatives, which include travel support for invited speakers, student receptions, and homepage updating, while also focusing on implementing innovative initiatives such as workshops and satellite meetings facilitating collaborations and attracting new members from underrepresented research areas (clinical, physiological, industry, education) to the Society. Suggestions for uses of P&P Technical Committee funds for new Technical Initiatives are welcome and should be sent to the Chair of the P&P Technical Committee.

Magdalena Wojtczak
Chair, 2014-2017

Signal Processing in Acoustics

The Technical Committee on Signal Processing in Acoustics (TCSP) concludes a year of diverse and vibrant interactions highlighted by our 5th joint meeting with the Acoustical Society of Japan (ASJ) in Honolulu Hawaii during Fall 2016 meeting and our most recent 3rd joint meeting with the European Acoustics Association in Boston, Massachusetts in June 2017.

At our joint meeting with ASJ in Honolulu we highlighted a wide array of special sessions on challenging areas in signal processing. A session on signal processing in nonlinear acoustics was organized by Brian Anderson, Yoshikazu Ohara and Marcel Remilieux. “Acoustic communications” by Grace Clark and Henry Scarton provided a great opportunity for interaction on a consistently challenging topic in the community. Paul Hursky organized an exciting session on signal processing for Doppler exploitation that illuminated the diverse ways that subtle Doppler effects can have great inferential power. “Time delay estimation” by Brian Ferguson and Clif Carter was well attended and we continue to see Compressive sensing as a hot topic with a special session organized by Peter Gerstoft. We also featured a high resolution imaging session with Tim Marston and a detection, tracking and classification of unmanned vehicles by Brian Ferguson and Kam Lo. The new area of spoken document retrieval by Jason Summers, and autonomous platforms for detection and tracking by Jeff Goldman and Lee Culver rounded out a great meeting for us. Our Honolulu meeting program was organized by Brian Anderson of Brigham Young University.

Our joint meeting with the European Acoustics Association took place in Boston and we were pleased to have Boaz Rafaely from Ben-Gurion University ably serve to organize the Signal Processing in Acoustics Sessions. TCSP hosted six energetic special sessions. Ed Sullivan and Ning Xiang continued to highlight Bayesian inference methods in acoustics with their special session on “Bayesian Classification” while Thomas Wong organized “Signal processing for directional sensors” that drew a diverse talks from both the EAA and ASA communities. John Buck of UMassD continued a great tradition of progress in the special session “Sparse and co-prime array processing” and Milica Stojanovic organized a well attended session on “Underwater acoustic communications”. Novel inquires were addressed with the special session by Jeff Goldman, “Extraction of acoustic signals by non-acoustic methods”. And lastly we were very pleased to see Dan Sternlicht bring side scan sonar back to the forefront with a special session “Signal processing for side scan sonar systems” where Dan gave a very insightful history of sonar bottom imaging.

In Honolulu we saw a deep and talented pool of student presenters competing for our best paper award. Our first place winner was Maureen Haneda for her presentation on “Visualization of one source in a two source sound field by position estimation”. Our second place winner was Michael Bianco of University of California San Diego for is presentation, “Dictionary learning of acoustic sound speed profiles” and our third place award went to Sylvain Mezil of Hokkaido University for his presentation on “Evaluation of crack parameters by a non-linear frequency mixing laser ultrasound method”. During our Boston meeting the TCSP had over 30 contestants in our student competition and again they were as talented as they were well prepared. Our first place award winner was Cameron Fackler of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for his presentation “Bayesian model selection for multilayer microperforated panel sound absorber design”. Our second place winner was earned by Alexander Douglass of G.G. Brown Laboratory for his presentation “Frequency difference beamforming in inhomogeneous media” and our third place award went to Caleb Goates of Brigham Young University for his presentation on “Extending the usable bandwidth of an acoustic beamformer array using phase unwrapping and array interpolation”. The TCSP continues to rely on the energetic and able organizing skill of Jeff Rogers (NRL) to promote and manage the student presentation awards.
The TCSP sponsored the Gallery of Acoustics (GoA) at Boston. The GoA is where ASA researchers create displays of novel and aesthetically inspiring acoustical phenomena. These events emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of acoustics in ways that are visually and aurally captivating. The GoA was originally conceived by Brian Anderson and is presently organized by Michael Muhlestein (UT Austin) with TCSP members serving to judge and rank the contributions. This year’s competition gave viewers a genuine sensory spectacle. All of the displays were impressive. Brian Worthman (Univ. of MI) took 1st place with his display “Kaleidosone” from the Greek for Kalos (beautiful), Eidos (form), and Latin for Sonus (sound). The display was an instructive visual representation of a acoustic field formed through the method-of-images. Christophoros Mannaris and his team at UCSD earned 2nd place honors with their display “Acoustically mediated extravasation via cavitational microstreaming” which exhibited acoustically mediated transport of a model anti-cancer agent from a 1mm vessel into the surrounding medium with 500 kHz pulsed ultrasound. To see these and past displays please visit the GoA website at http://tcspasa.org/gallery-of-acoustics as you consider putting your research on display and consider leaving a comment at http://asastudentcouncil.org/boston-asa-gallery-acoustics-submissions/.

Our open meetings continue to be the crucible where our special session plans take shape and the emphasis of future meetings comes into focus. In Boston we welcomed new student council representative Sarah Young who takes the reigns from Trevor Jerome. Trevor concludes his two year term with us and we are grateful for his important contributions to our open meetings as he served both to ably represent the student council and to take minutes during our meetings. John Buck represents the TCSP before the ASA Committee on Education. James Preisig (JPAnalytics) serves as the TCSP representative to the Membership Committee. Edmund Sullivan serves as representative to the Medals and Awards Committee with Ning Xiang prepared to become our next Medals and Awards Committee representative. Ben Faber (Faber Acoustical) serves as TCSP representative to the ASA Committee on Standards. The TCSP website http://tcspasa.org is maintained by Brian Anderson, we encourage you to visit us there.

The TCSP is served by a talented and conscientious group of associate editors and we are immensely grateful for their patience and care this year. We welcomed Ryan Harne of Ohio State University as a TCSP Associate Editor for the Proceedings of the Meetings on Acoustics (POMA). Rayne joins Paul Hursky (HLS) in service to POMA. We have chosen Peter Gerstoft to serve as our TCSP coordinating editor to JASA. Our JASA Associate Editors are Patrick Loughlin (Univ. of Pittsburgh), Zoi-Heleni (Eliza) Michalopoulou (New Jersy IT), Karim G. Sabra (Georgia IT) and Kaiman Thomas Wong (Univ of Hong Kong). Our JASA-EL Associate Editors are Dave Chambers (LLNL) and Charles Gaumond. We are genuinely excited and eagerly look forward to our Fall 2017 meeting in New Orleans and our Spring 2018 meeting in Minneapolis where a great set of special sessions are presently being planned.

Paul N. Gendron
Chair, 2015-2018

Speech Communication

This report summarizes activities within the Speech Communication TC during and following the Salt Lake City meeting (Spring 2016), the Honolulu meeting (Fall 2016) and the Boston meeting (Spring 2017). I shadowed Cathy Rogers (TC chair 2013-2016) at the SLC meeting in spring 2016 and then started my term as TC chair at the Honolulu meeting. Cathy has done a great job leading our TC these past 3 years and I truly appreciate her generous support during the transition process as the new TC chair. Cathy also served as a TPO for the Boston meeting (as mandated by the MOU For that meeting) after her term as TC chair was complete.

Leadership: Current members of the TC are:
Term to 2017 Term to 2018 Term to 2019
Peter F. Assmann Mary Esther Beckman Tessa C. Bent
Fredericka Bell-Berti Ann R. Bradlow Charles B. Chang
Sarah H. Ferguson Cynthia G. Clopper Helen M. Hanson
Alexander L. Francis Ann Cutler Diane Kewley-Port
Jody E. Kreiman Carol Y. Espy-Wilson Shrikanth S. Narayanan
Benjamin R. Munson Daniel Fogerty Liran Oren
Peggy B. Nelson Mark A. Hasegawa-Johnson Sona Patel
Noah Silbert Eric J. Hunter Catherine L. Rogers
Rachel M. Theodore Mafuyu Kitahara Christine H. Shadle
Laura L. Koenig Christian E. Stilp
Brad H. Story Maureen L. Stone
Keiichi Tajima Mark Vandam
Kiyoko Yoneyama Emily Q. Wang
Xinhui Zhou
Ex officio:
Suzanne E. Boyce, member of Membership Committee
Anders Lofqvist, member of Medals and Awards Committee
Dominique A. Bouavichith, member of Student Council (Shea Morgan as of July, 2017)
Zhaoyan Zhang, member of ASACOS

Other STC members who have provided strong support for the Speech Community include Eric Hunter, who maintains our web page, as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts and Ann Bradlow who is a member of the Executive Council. Several SCTC members also served on tasks forces formed to the implementation of the ASA Strategic Plan, including Ann Bradlow and Maureen Stone (Financial Stewardship) , Tessa Bent (Member engagement and diversity), and Diane Kewley-Port (Dissemination of Information and Knowledge) . Diane Kewley-Port also served on the web Advisory and worked as chair of the Ad-hoc Publishing Services Review to build a new thesaurus to facilitate the search of speech-relevant work. I also thank Luci Menard and Rachel Theodore for taking detailed minutes at the Honolulu and Boston meetings.

We appreciate the time and energy contributed by our TC members. A special thanks to the TC members who completed their term of service in June 2017.
Publications: Current Associate Editors for JASA are: Speech Production - L. Koenig & Z. Zhang; Speech Perception - D. Baskent, T. Bent, C. Clopper, S. Ferguson, M.S. Sommers, M. Sundara, B. Tucker; Speech Processing - C. Espy-Wilson, M. Hasegawa-Johnson. Associate Editors for JASA Express Letters are: Speech Production – A. Lofqvist; Speech Perception - M. Cooke, R. Smiljanic; Speech Processing and Communication Systems and Speech Perception - D.D. O’Shaughnessy. We are working with the Editor-in-chief (J. Lynch) to implement changes to increase the efficiency of the journal. This year a coordinating editor position was formed (Z. Zhang) to facilitate the assignment of papers to AEs and we plan to increase the number of Speech AEs in the coming year.

Technical Program: Over the last 3 ASA meetings, the Speech TC organized a number of stimulating special sessions on diverse topics (summarized below). These sessions ran very smoothly and were well received by our members. Alexander Francis, who has been our TPO chair for several years, has mentored Melissa Baese-Berk and Kristin Van Engen to take over this role. Our TC is grateful for the dedication and care of these individuals who ensure that SC program planning is in good hands. Our members have also embraced the live-streaming initiative.

Salt Lake City (Spring 2016). The TPOs were Alexander Francis and Melissa Baese-Berk
At this meeting Speech sponsored 4 special sessions:
• Intelligibility Challenges: Speakers, Listeners and Situations (organized by Amy Neel and Suzanne Boyce)
• Gender Effects in Speech Perception and Production. (organized by Sarah Hargus Ferguson and Eric Hunter)
• Constraints, Strategies and Economies of Effort in Speech Production: Joseph S. Perkell’s Contribution to Speech Science (organized by Jennell Vick, Frank Guenther and Lucie Menard)
• Phonetics of Under-documented Languages (organized by Amanda M. Miller, Richard Wright and Benjamin V. Tucker)

Honolulu (Fall 2016). The TPOs were Alexander Francis, Melissa Baese-Berk, Kristin Van Engen
At this meeting Speech sponsored 4 special sessions (2 were live streamed):
• Cross-Linguistic Speech Production and Perception 
(organized by Katie Drager and Timothy J. Vance)
• Second Language Speech Learning and Education 
(organized by Tessa Bent and Keiichi Tajima)
• Speech Robotics (organized by Philip Rubin and Masaaki Honda)
• Double-Weak Theory of Speech Production and Perception: A Session in Honor of Terrance Nearey (organized by Michael Kiefte and Hideki Kawahara)

We also co-sponsored 6 special sessions with other TCs:
• Acoustics Education Prize Lecture 

• At the Intersection of Speech and Architecture I
• At the Intersection of Speech and Architecture II
• Perspectives of Research in Overlooked Hearing Problems
• Sequence Information in Mammalian Vocal Call Production II
• Gap Detection: New Perspectives from Neuroscience, Perception and Modelling

Boston (Spring 2017). The TPOs were Cathy Rogers & Melissa Baese-Berk; TPOC Assistants were Alexander Francis & Kristin Van Engen
At this meeting Speech sponsored two Special Sessions:
• New Trends in Imaging for Speech Production (organized by Maureen Stone and Jennell Vick, Thomas Hueber)
• Measuring Speech Perception and Production Remotely: Telehealth, Crowd-Sourcing, and Experiments over the Internet (organized by Benjamin Munson & Sebastian Möller )
We also co-sponsored 8 sessions with other TCs:
• One day Topical Meeting on Neuroimaging Techniques I Topical Meeting on Neuroimaging Techniques II
• Speech Intelligibility in Adverse Environments: Behavior and Modeling I
• Speech Intelligibility in Adverse Environments: Behavior and Modeling I
• Assistive Listening Systems in Assembly Spaces
• E-Mobility--Challenge for Acoustics
• Acoustics Outreach to Budding Scientists: Planting Seeds for Future Clinical and Physiological Collaborations
• Honoring the Contributions of Louis Braida to the Study of Auditory and Speech Perception

Student poster competition. Thanks to the special efforts by Patrick Reidy and Chao Yang Lee we have some new tools that make organizing the poster competition more efficient. These tools help to identify judges from program, assign judges to posters, and gather judge’s scores and comments using an electronic form to automate the data compilation. Each meeting we pick 2 winners and also provide every student who is a valid candidate for the competition with some feedback from the judges of their poster. The energy poured into developing this process and the high volume of student entries and judges participating at each meeting demonstrates our strong commitment to high quality research and to the mentorship that this entails

Salt Lake City (Spring 2016):
Organizers: Patrick Reidy, Chao-Yang Lee

Honolulu (Fall 2016):
Organizers: Chao-Yang Lee, Liran Oren
Number of poster entries: 125
Number of judges: 65
1st place: Jieun Song
4pSC19. Cross-linguistic perception of continuous speech: Neural entrainment to the speech amplitude envelope
2nd place: Eva M. Lewandowski
4pSC71. Acoustic correlates of vocal alignment to accented speech

Boston (Spring 2017):
Organizers: Liran Oren, Charles Chang
Number of poster entries: 54
Number of judges: 78
1st place: Sandie Keerstock
5pSC15. Effects of intelligibility on within- and cross-modal sentence recognition memory
2nd place: Claire Pincock
2aSC40. High-resolution speech directivity measurements

Awards. Speech Communication supported the Helmholtz-Rayleigh Interdisciplinary Silver Medal to Blake Wilson which was presented at the Spring 2017 Boston meeting.

Stetson Scholarship. The Review Committee for 2017 included Jody Kreiman (chair), Peter Assmann, Mary Beckman, Eric Hunter, Ben Munson. The winners for 2017 were Adriel John Orena, McGill University and Claire E. Cordella, Harvard University. Honorable mentions were awarded to Marziye Eshghi, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and Sonya Mehta, University of Texas at Dallas.

Linda Polka
Chair, 2016-2019

Structural Acoustics and Vibration

The Structural Acoustics and Vibration Technical Committee (SAVTC) had an effective and fruitful year of special sessions sponsored by the committee and hosted Student and Young Presenter competitions at all of the meetings. This annual report covers SAVTC activities and meetings occurring during the one-year 2016-17 period beginning after the Spring 2016 ASA Salt Lake City meeting. During this period, Robert Koch continued into his 2015-2018 first term as chair of the SAVTC.

The SAVTC extends its gratitude to the many SAVTC members and friends of SAV who actively participate as volunteer lead representatives for numerous ASA committee and editorial activities including, but certainly not limited to:
• Robert Koch (ASACOS);
• James Phillips (Medals and Awards) [Thanks to Sabih Hayek who transitioned off during 2016-2017 period];
• Robert Koch (Membership Committee);
• Brian Anderson (SAVTC Web page);
• Tyler “TJ” Flynn (Student Council)
• Matthew Kamrath (Education in Acoustics Committee);
• Ben Shafer (Student Paper Competition);
• Ben Shafer and Robert Koch (Technical Program Organizers);
• David Burnett, David Feit, Linda Franzoni, Karl Grosh, Nail Gumerov, Andrew Hull, Nicole Kessissoglou, Kai Ming Li, Elizabeth Magliula, Greg McDaniel, Earl Williams, Tribikram Kundu, Franck Sgard, Lonny Thompson (JASA Associate Editors for SAV);
• Greg McDaniel (JASA Express Associate Editor for SAV);
• Steve Shepard (POMA Editor).

Update: Just following the Spring 2017 ASA/EAA Boston meeting, Elizabeth Magliula completed her term as JASA Associate Editor for SAV [Thanks, Elizabeth!] and Prof. Nikolas Vlahopoulos and Dr. Kuangcheng Wu began their terms as Associate Editors for SAV. In addition, Brian Anderson has agreed to become the SAV TC’s Coordinating Editor for JASA.

172nd ASA Meeting Honolulu, Hawaii, 28 November - 2 December 2016
At the 172nd ASA meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii, SAVTC sponsored the following five special sessions and two sessions of contributed papers (one poster-format session) with a total of 91 papers presented (31 invited, 60 contributed):
• Building vibration analysis, measurement and mitigation: Co-chairs, James Phillips and Hasson Tavossi
• Dynamics of ribbed structures: Co-chairs, Andrew Hull and Elizabeth Magliula
• Fluid flow induced vibration and noise: Co-chairs, Kuangcheng Wu and Robert Koch
• Metamaterials: Co-chairs, Jeff Cipolla, Christina Naify, and Michael Haberman
• Non-contact vibration excitation and sensing techniques: Co-chairs, Scott Sommerfeldt and Brian Anderson
The TPOM representative was Benjamin Shafer.
SAVTC had 21 papers entered in the Best Student and Young Presenter competition at the 172nd ASA Meeting. Ben Shafer coordinated the competition and the winners were:

1st Place
Colby Cushing, University of Texas
Experimental validation of the underwater sound focusing properties of a pentamode gradient index metamaterial lens

2nd Place
Alyssa T. Liem, Boston University
Estimation of material properties using vibration magnification

173rd ASA/EAA “Acoustics’17 Boston” Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, 25-29 June 2017
Chair Robert Koch represented the SAVTC committee as Technical Program Co-Chair of the 173rd ASA/EAA Boston meeting.
At the ASA Boston meeting, SAVTC sponsored the following eight special sessions and four sessions of contributed papers (one poster-format session) with a total of 158 papers presented (43 invited, 115 contributed (including 14 poster-format)):
• Acoustic metamaterials: Co-chairs, Christina Naify and Yun Jing (PA TC) (EAA co-chair Jose Sanchez-Dehesa from Valencia Polytechnic University)
• Acoustics and vibration of sports and sports equipment: Chair, Dan Russell
• Novel techniques for nondestructive evaluation: Co-chairs, Brian Anderson and Marcel Remillieux (EAA co-chair Sylvain Haupert)
• Energy methods in structural acoustics and vibration: Co-chairs, Don Bliss and Linda Franzoni (EAA co-chair Otto von Estorff)
• Groundborne noise and vibration from transit systems: Chair, James Phillips
• Novel treatments in vibration damping: Chair, Kenneth Cunefare (EAA co-chair Manuel Collet)
• Numerical methods and benchmarking in computational acoustics: Co-chairs, Robert Koch and Micah Shepherd (EAA co-chairs Manfred Kaltenbacher and Steffen Marburg)
• Probabilistic finite element analysis and uncertainty quantification in vibracoustic problems: Chair, Micah Shepherd (EAA co-chair Kheirollah Sepahvand)
The TPOM representatives were Robert Koch and Benjamin Shafer.
The winners of the Best Student and Young Presenter competition (out of a record 40 entrees), well-coordinated again by Ben Shafer, are Alyssa Liem, Boston Univ., first place and Mark Cops, Boston Univ., second place. Winners will be notified soon once the final tallying has been made.

The period 2016-2017 of this ASA SAVTC Annual Report contained two consecutive joint ASA meetings in a row, the Honolulu and Boston meetings, both record setting in size and attendance. In addition, there was turnover in a number of SAV representative positions during this time. These events represented a significant challenge to the SAVTC (along with all other ASA TC’s, of course) and all SAV volunteers met the challenge and were highly successful. The SAVTC chair extends his sincere gratitude and thanks to all for their excellent volunteer service and hard work for the SAVTC during this period.

Robert M. Koch
Chair, 2015–2018

Underwater Acoustics

This report covers the activities of the Technical Committee on Underwater Acoustics (TCUW) and its members during the period from July 2016 through June 2017.

The 172nd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America was held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort, Honolulu, Hawaii, 28 November–2 December 2016. This meeting was also the 5th Joint Meeting with the Acoustical Society of Japan. TCUW sponsored the following nine sessions: •“Target Scattering” chaired by Kevin Williams with six contributed talks
• “Underwater Acoustics and Acoustical Oceanography: Underwater Acoustics Studies in Asian Seas” co-chaired by Chi-Fang Chen and Ching-Sang Chiu with five invited talks and 25 contributed talks
• “Underwater Acoustics, Acoustical Oceanography, and Physical Acoustics: Nonlinear Effects in Underwater Acoustics and Bubbles” co-chaired by Thomas Muir, John Esplin, and Tetsuya Kanagawa with eight invited talks and six contributed talks
• “Underwater Acoustics, Noise and Acoustical Oceanography: Transmission Through the Air-Water Interface” co-chaired by Peter Dahl and David Dall’Osto with four invited talks and two contributed talks
• “Underwater Acoustics: Inversion, Beam-Forming, and Calibration” chaired by Steven Stotts with seven contributed talks
• “Underwater Acoustics: Seabed and Sea Surface Interactions” co-chaired by Charles Holland and Megan Ballard with nine contributed talks
• “Underwater Acoustics, Signal Processing in Acoustics, and Acoustical Oceanography: Harbor Acoustics” co-chaired by Peter Stein and David Bradley with 17 invited talks and four contributed talks
• “Underwater Acoustics: Ocean Ambient Noise: Sources, Variation, and Characterization” chaired by Ben Reeder with 12 contributed talks, and
• “Underwater Acoustics: Underwater Acoustic Propagation” chaired by Ahmad Abawi with 15 contributed talks.
•There was also a poster session chaired by Aubrey Espana with 12 contributed posters.

The student paper award winners were Nikhil Mistry and Matthew Huber who received first and second place, respectively.

The 173rd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America was held at the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center, Boston, Massachusetts, 25–29 June 2017. This meeting was also the 3rd Joint Meeting with the European Acoustics Association.

TCUW sponsored the following 13 sessions:
• “Underwater Acoustics, Acoustical Oceanography, Signal Processing in Acoustics, Structural Acoustics and Vibration, Physical Acoustics and Biomedical Acoustics: Passive Sensing, Monitoring, and Imaging in Wave Physics,” co-chaired by Karim Sabra and Philippe Roux, with 17 invited talks and five contributed talks
• “Underwater Acoustic Uncertainty,” chaired by Andrey Morozov, with four contributed talks
• “Ambient Sound in the Ocean,” chaired by Peter Gersoft, with 10 contributed talks
• “Sound Propagation and Scattering in Three-Dimensional Environments,” chaired by Ying-Tsong Lin and Frederic Sturm, with 13 invited talks and 22 contributed talks
• “In Honor of Ira Dyer, 60 Years as an Innovator, Entrepreneur, and Visionary for Ocean Engineering” chaired by Arthur Baggeroer, Peter Mikhalevsky, and Philip Abbott with 11 invited talks and one contributed talk
• “A Century of Sonar” chaired by Michael Ainslie and Kevin Heaney with nine invited talks and one contributed talk
• “Acoustical Interaction with Ocean Boundaries and Targets” chaired by Derek Olsen with seven contributed talks
• “Underwater Noise From Marine Construction and Energy Production” co-chaired by Jim Miller and Paul Lepper with 19 invited talks and nine contributed talks
• “Unmanned Vehicles and Acoustics” co-chaired by Erin Fischell and Martin Siderius with nine invited talks and six contributed talks
• “Acoustical Localization, Navigation, Inversion, and Communication” chaired by Aijun Song with 12 contributed talks
• “Infrasound in the Ocean and Atmosphere” co-chaired by Philippe Blanc-Benon and Oleg Godin with five invited talks and five contributed talks, and
• “Underwater Acoustic Propagation” chaired by Cathy Ann Clark with 11 contributed talks.
There was also a poster session chaired by Vaibhav Chavali with 18 contributed posters.

The student paper award winners were Brendan Nichols and Aaron Gunderson who received first and second place, respectively.

The chair thanks the many volunteers who make the activities of TCUW possible.

Megan S. Ballard
Chair, 2016-2019