International Student Grant Application Form

Deadline for application: October 15, 2012

Eligibility: Students enrolled in an acoustic research program at a major university or technical institute within a developing country. Preference will be given to individuals from countries listed here.

How to apply: Send a completed Application Form by e-mail to Malcolm Crocker, CIRE sub-committee Chair at The application should contain a request for consideration of support, a 200-word description of the research to be performed, the name and institutional address of your research supervisor, and a recent CV as an attachment.


Family Name:                                                                                 Given Name(s):


Date of Birth:                                                                                 Place of Birth:


Business address:




E-mail Address:


Scientific Supervisor's Name:




Abstract (200-word description of the research to be performed, stating clearly the methods you propose for conducting this research):





If your application is successful, how do you anticipate using the funds (e.g., for tuition, computer, software, books, travel to a scientific conference, living expenses, etc.)? This information is requested only for administrative purposes and will not influence the decision on whether your application will be funded.